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Registered Apprenticeship Creating a Brighter Tomorrow.

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1 Registered Apprenticeship Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

2 Registered Apprenticeship: A Brighter Tomorrow  Modern Registered Apprenticeship combines carefully defined and employer-specific training under the guidance of a highly skilled mentor at the work site  On-the-job learning is supplemented with related classroom instruction

3 Registered Apprenticeship: A Brighter Tomorrow (continued)  Apprenticeship offers industry- driven learning, voluntarily sponsored by individual employers, employer associations and joint employer-employee groups

4 Position Your Company for Success

5 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Employ an effective skills-enhancement solution  On-the-job learning and classroom instruction provide a tested model for skill maximization  Nationally, more than 31,000 employers (sponsors) have implemented apprenticeship programs to meet specific training needs  More than 480,000 employees participate as apprentices

6 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages (continued)  Sponsors include employers, employer associations and labor- management organizations  Apprentices come from diverse backgrounds and they include women, minorities, youth, persons with disabilities and dislocated workers

7 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Maximize your workforce potential  Strengthen your human resource development effort  Evaluate skills of current workforce  Quickly enable new employees to contribute to company productivity  Instill loyalty and decrease turnover

8 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Keep pace with changing workforce dynamics  Combat the challenges of advancing technology, shifting consumer demands, evolving business practices and changing demographics such as a large number of employees approaching retirement

9 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Contribute to Economic Development  Enhance the education, skill and experience level of your employees  Boost your company, your community and our Nation by building a strong workforce


11 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Employer Gain  A proven process by which experienced personnel impart knowledge and skills to new employees  Greater workforce competency and productivity  Partnerships with certification and licensing agencies  A valuable asset in the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce

12 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Employee Gain  On-the-job learning under the guidance of experienced and qualified personnel  Occupation-specific classroom instruction  Training and certification that meets industry and business standards  Opportunities to receive education, develop skills and to gain experience that enable employees to advance in their careers  Nationally recognized journeyman status

13 Registered Apprenticeship: Advantages  Time Tested  American Apprenticeship has deep roots  Among the early apprentices who went on to national distinction were George Washington, surveyor, Benjamin Franklin, printer, and Paul Revere, silversmith  Registered Apprenticeship was established with the signing of the Virginia Apprenticeship Act in 1938

14 Registered Apprenticeship in Virginia: Customers Served  More than *2,300 sponsors  More than *14,000 apprentices  Each year, approximately 1,600 apprentices graduate to become journeyworkers *03-12-08 numbers

15 Registered Apprenticeship in Virginia: Occupations  More than 300 occupations registered  A variety of occupations exist and include welders, ship fitters, electricians, plumbers and draftsmen

16 Registered Apprenticeship How It Works

17 Registered Apprenticeship: How It Works  On-the-Job Learning  Registered employers (sponsors) provide on-the-job learning to employees (apprentices)  A minimum of 2,000 on-the-job learning hours are provided  Each apprentice works closely with a journeyman for maximum results

18 Registered Apprenticeship: How It Works  Related Classroom Instruction  Apprentices attend classes at their local vocational technical center, community college or at a sponsor- run school  Participants spend approximately six hours a week in the classroom for a suggested minimum of 144 annual hours

19 Registered Apprenticeship: How It Works  Employer Requirements  Meet with your local apprenticeship representative to develop a registered training program  Review classroom instruction program with your local related instruction coordinator  Select employee(s) to provide on-the-job training  Identify employee(s) who will apprentice

20 Registered Apprenticeship: How It Works  Employee Requirements  Mechanical, physical and mental abilities to master techniques and technology of trade  Most employers require a high school diploma or a GED – math and communication skills  Must be at least 16 years old  Ability to work full-time and attend classes one of two nights per week

21 Registered Apprenticeship Standards Distinguish Quality

22 Registered Apprenticeship Ensures:  A full and fair opportunity to apply  A schedule of work processes  Organized related instruction  A progressively increasing wage schedule commensurate with skills  Proper supervision of on-the-job training

23 Registered Apprenticeship Ensures:  Adequate and safe facilities in which apprentices are trained  Regular evaluation of job performance and related instruction  No discrimination in any phase of selection, employment or training

24 Create a brighter tomorrow for your company with a proven, cost effective, industry-driven and customized approach to learning as you produce a more highly skilled and dedicated workforce...

25 Position your company for success by calling your local Department of Labor and Industry Field Representative today! Local office locations include Abingdon, Lynchburg, Manassas, Richmond, Roanoke, Tidewater and Verona For contact information:


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