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ICANN John L. Crain LACNIC V, La Habana,

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1 ICANN John L. Crain, LACNIC V, La Habana,

2 WSIS Staff are currently in Geneva at the World Summit on Information Society Preparatory meeting. –Important to have industry representation there. –Some governments want to see the Internet regulated by a UN body, such as the ITU

3 New Hires More Business Like Model –VP of Business Operations Kurt Pritz –General Council John Jeffreys –VP of Supporting Organization and Committee Support Paul Verhoef

4 IANA New IANA General Manager: Doug Barton Additional Staffing: Steve Conte Other methods of increasing staffing…..?


6 New Regional Office Small office opening in Europe Located in Brussels Paul Verhoef first staff member there. Investigating other possible locations.

7 Allocations to RIRs IANA allocates IPv4, IPv6 and AS Numbers to the Regional Internet Registries Latest assignment was IPv4 addresses, 83/8 and 84/8 to the RIPE NCC

8 Working Closely with RIRs Worked on IPv4 IANA-RIR Policy documents that are now under discussion in the regions. Also worked to closely to clarify the internal procedures. Have received a copy of the open letter and proposed MoU

9 IPv6 Glue in the root zone RSSAC has been asked to advise on this Some requests have been received and are pending RSSAC advice. Analysis of probable implications of adding AAAA records to the root zone has been taking place. Results so far have been positive, resolution and implementation looks to be probable in a short time span

10 Root Servers IPv6 for root servers –The operators have, when requesting, been allocated IPv6 addresses for their systems by the RIRs. –Some operators are IPv6 capable now. –Requests have recently been received at IANA to add AAAA records for some root- servers. –Question of how many to add is under review by RSSAC. Technical constraints will limit the initial number. Tests occurring in labs.

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