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Guidelines, Policies and Procedures Set the Stage for MATH

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1 Guidelines, Policies and Procedures Set the Stage for MATH


3 Making the Classroom a Great Place to Be

4 Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.
Guideline #1 Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

5 Guideline #2 Bring ALL books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave. (Pencils, NO pens).

6 Guideline #3 Be in your assigned seat and working on the assigned “Do Now” work when the tardy bell rings.

7 Guideline #4 Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Lovinggood agenda and the Cobb County School District handbook.

8 Special Guideline Respect others’ property. Don’t touch anything that does not belong to you without permission. That applies to my property and the property of other students.

9 Following Guidelines will result in . .
Verbal acknowledgement A stress-free learning environment A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

10 Not Following Guidelines will result in . . .
1st - Warning 2nd – Documentation and Phone Call home (Guideline Infraction Notice) Synergy Behavior Mark 3rd - Silent Lunch Synergy Behavior Mark 4th - Action Plan and Parental/Guardian Contact Synergy Behavior Mark 5th - Office Referral Synergy Behavior Mark

11 Sample Guideline Infraction Notice
Please: Correct your behavior and return to task. See me after class! Signature: _________________ Date: ________ Offense: ________________________________ _______________________________________ Conference Result: _______________________

12 Sample Action Plan My Action Plan 1. What is the problem? To be filled out by teacher 2. What is causing the problem? To be filled out by the student (Please list the factors) 3. What plan will you use to solve the problem? To be filled out by the student __________________ Date ____________________________ ____________________________ Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature

13 Severe Clause Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

14 Classroom Procedures

15 Entering the Room Enter quietly.
Have a seat. (Aisles clear of your belongings) Take out your materials. Now is the time to sharpen pencils Anything that needs to be turned in to me (i.e. notes from home, make-up work, etc. can be done so at my basket on my desk “inbox”). Review the agenda. Write homework assignments in your agenda. Place your homework, if any, on the top left corner of your desk. Begin “Do Now” assignment. *Homeroom clause – announcements and study hall, pledge, moment of silence, etc., etc.

16 Bathroom Breaks You are given three restroom emergency passes per semester. Use your passes wisely. (1st, 2nd and 5th periods should very rarely need a pass due to provided restroom breaks) If you want to use an emergency restroom pass you should have your agenda hall pass completely filled out in the math section for the current date and include the time. Only one person out at a time. GO BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS

17 Leaving the Room For other times you need to leave the room, such as needing to see the nurse, write a pass in your agenda on the page for that date in the math section. Name the emergency and write the time. Once I acknowledge you bring your agenda to me to sign.

18 Getting Your Attention
I will . . . Stand in front of the class. Raise my hand. Wait for everyone to be quiet and all eyes on me. Begin speaking.

19 Getting Your Attention
Or I will . . . Say, “Look at me.” Count down from 5 to 1. Say, “All eyes on my, as unpleasant as it may be.” Use my clapper. And the list goes on and on… Wait for everyone to be quiet and all eyes on me. Begin speaking.

20 Paper Heading Write your first and last name, date, class period.
You can do this on the left or right side of the paper! Adriane Moreland 8/4/14 4th period

21 What to do if you finish your work early
Double-check your work. Review vocabulary words. You can refer to the Math Word Wall. Work on something in the Extension Bucket. Create a math problem to solve. I may use it as a “Do Now”! Start working on tonight’s homework. Work on unfinished math assignments.

22 What do I do next activities…
Double-check your work. Review vocabulary words. Work on something in the Extension Bucket. Create a math problem to solve. Start working on tonight’s homework. Work on unfinished math assignments. As a reminder to you What do I do next activities… will remain posted in the classroom throughout the school year. If you need a reminder of what to do when you complete your work refer to the poster on the wall.

23 After an absence… Always, always check the blog, you should know what work you have missed before you step foot in my classroom! Go to the make-up work folder. Find the tab for the day(s) of the week you missed class. Retrieve any handouts from the file.

24 Scheduled Check Out Please let me know as you enter the classroom.
I will be at the door. Quietly raise your hand to get my attention. Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time.

25 Supplies… Pencils and paper, my oh my… Homework/assignment buckets… You’ve been pink-slipped…

26 Classroom Discussions
PLEASE participate. (Popsicle Sticks) I want to hear what you have to say. One person talks at a time. All eyes on the speaker. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion.

27 Group Work We will be working in many different groups this year.
I will assign the groups and you will have the opportunity to work with many different students. When groups are assigned there will be no switching groups so DO NOT ASK!!! LOUD, QUIET, NOISE

28 Working in Learning Groups AKA Support Groups
You are responsible for your own job and the results of the group. If you have a question, ask your “support buddies”. You must be willing to help if a support buddy asks you for help. You may ask for help from the teacher after the entire group agrees on a question.

29 Moving Around the Room You must ask permission unless you need a tissue. Get your tissue and immediately return to your seat. Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency. Use your best judgement and your manners!

30 When I Am Giving Directions…
Listen carefully Hold all questions until the end, I will give you the opportunity to ask questions to clarify any part of the directions in which you do not understand!

31  Class Dismissal “Have a great day!”
The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Do not start packing up prior to the bell. Students may not leave the classroom until everyone is seated. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with: “Have a great day!”

32 FAQ: What if my pencil breaks? Life happens. If you need to sharpen your pencil then do so. If you are having a bad day and forgot your pencil then borrow one from the whiteboard. Just remember to be RESPECTFUL and HONORABLE in all you do. Sharpen pencils quickly. Return borrowed pencils in the same condition you found them. What if I find someone’s pencil case or purse? Pencil cases and other supplies go on the “Take One” table; purses and other valuables you should bring to me.

33 “Special” Procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis.
Library/Media Center Computer Lab Special guests Progress Reports Working Cooperatively Fire Drill Intercom Announcements/Phone Assemblies Substitute Teacher Assignment: Does music bother anyone? Turning in Papers: p.190 MLA: Double space for word processed papers Questions: PLEASE ask. No such thing as stupid questions. If you don’t understand, please let me know. Announcements: Complete silence. Resume work.

34 Substitute Teacher Clause…
If a substitute leaves me your name for misbehaving you will serve silent lunch when I return. The substitute will be well aware of this procedure. We should always be on our best behavior for special guests!

35 Remember… I have high expectations for you. I want you to succeed.
I truly believe in your potential. I want you to believe in it, too! Have an awesome year! - Mrs. Moreland

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