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Bell Work 8/18 1. Explain what is meant by “Eastern Seaboard:”

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1 Bell Work 8/18 1. Explain what is meant by “Eastern Seaboard:”
2. What is one characteristic all 13 colonies shared? 3. Which set of colonies was most likely to farm? Why? (ANSWER THE WHY!!) 4. Which set of colonies would you choose to live in and why?

2 Thirteen Colonies Know the Regions, be able to label regions and the colonies of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina Map MA PENN VA SC

3 Two Qualities that all colonies shared…
1. They were all along the Atlantic coast We could come up with more than two…. 2. All of the colonies were established as permanent settlements 3. If you needed a third reason, they were all established to make money

4 First Successful English settlement
Jamestown, Virginia in 1607

5 Motivations for settling Southern Colonies
The settlers of Virginia and later SC hoped to make money from raw materials and staple crops that the colony could provide. Tobacco Lumber Rice

6 Economy of the southern colonies…
A long growing season and mild climate (part of the geography) made these good economic choices for the southern colonies. The plantation system with slave labor was important to the economic success because cash crops require much labor. The economy of these economies were based on growing staple crops. In SC these crops included rice and indigo.

7 Define Staple crops, plantation system, indentured servants, and slavery
Staple crops: crops that are in large demand and provide the bulk of a region’s income Plantation system: system in which the southern economy relied on huge farms owned by wealthy landowners who raised for cash crops. Indentured Servants: people who could not afford to come to North America on their own. They agreed to work for a landowner for up to seven years in exchange for the landowner paying for their trip. Slavery: a system in which people are owned as property

8 How was southern Society divided?
Society was divided into the: Gentry – wealthy landowners Farmers – some middle class and some poor Slaves Male members of the upper class were usually in positions of power and authority, serving in the colonial assemblies.

9 What type of government?
All of the colonies had some form of representative government because this was the model of government in England. Each colony had a royal governor appointed by the king, and a colonial assembly elected by the landowning members of society. AN EXAMPLE of representative government in the southern colonies would be the House of Burgesses in Virginia.

10 Economy of the New England Colonies

11 Middle Colonies Economy

12 Most Diverse Colonies and Why…


14 Why a Continuous Frontier in the Middle Colonies?
Because of tolerance offered in Middle colonies and the desire for land, many people immigrated to the middle colonies. Many times, the frontier provided cheap available land for immigrants. The frontier was a place to escape from taxes.

15 Salutary Neglect England adopted this policy towards the colonies in North America because they were simply too far away to control on a regular basis. An additional reason that the colonies were prospering, which meant that England prospered. Therefore, there was little reason to interfere, even though the colonies failed to follow many of the Navigation laws passed by England.

16 Representative Government in the Colonies
Colonies had representative government because this is what they knew from their experiences in England. Representative government was the model in England (Parliament.) Colonists were influenced by the political philosophies of men like John Locke. Representatives gave property owning men a voice in government.

17 What is representative government?
These are governments in which the people elect their own officials and have a voice in government.

18 Participants needed to own property
What did colonists need to have in order to participate in representative government? Participants needed to own property

19 First Examples of Self-government in the colonies?
Virginia: House of Burgesses Massachusetts – Pilgrims – Mayflower Compact Massachusetts – Town Meetings

20 Government Participation Requirements in Massachusetts
Landowner Male 21 Church Member

21 Role of Women in the Colonies
2nd class citizens Greater freedom than women in England Still could not vote By law under the control of fathers and/or husbands

22 Roles of African Americans
Southern Colonies – slaves Middle and New England – learned crafts and trades – allowed to earn wages and buy freedom Slavery died out fairly quickly in the Middle and New England colonies


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