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Title I Parent Orientation Woodman Park School September 8 th, 2011.

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1 Title I Parent Orientation Woodman Park School September 8 th, 2011

2 What is Title I?  The largest federally funded program in our nation’s schools  This funding source allows us to support learners at Dover Middle School and St. Mary’s Academy as well as Woodman Park.

3 How Does Title I Contribute To Your Child’s Education?  Gives us the funding to provide additional academic instruction in reading and math  Gives us the funding for our Parent Outreach Coordinator and the Parent Resource Room  Gives us the funding for our Extended Learning Coordinator and funding for extended learning opportunities

4 Which Children at WPS Are Eligible For Title I Services?  Because we are a schoolwide Title I school, EVERY single child at WPS is eligible for Title I services  EVERY single child does receive Title I services over the course of the year, whether it’s through extra academic support or enrichment opportunities

5 How are Title I Services Delivered at WPS?  Most grade levels have 2 Title I tutors working alongside the teachers for approximately 2 hours everyday, usually during the literacy block. Because of the high numbers in grade 4, each classroom has a Title I tutor working alongside the classroom teacher for 2 hours each day.  Title I Tutors are also servicing small groups of students or individual students during our intervention blocks. This instruction is very much targeted to the specific needs of the child. If a child needs phonics work, that’s what they get. If a child needs comprehension help, that’s what they work on etc.

6 What specific programs are the Title I tutors using with children?  They have all been trained in the new Dover’s Growing Reader’s Program which they use when providing classroom support. They will receive training on the new math curriculum beginning tomorrow and continue training throughout the year.  They also have been trained in very specific reading and math intervention programs (Do the Math, Leveled Literacy Intervention, Reading Recovery, Orton Gillingham, Horizons, Fundations, etc.) designed to provide direct instruction in targeted areas

7 Who Are the 12 Title I Staff Members?  All highly qualified teachers defined by NCLB standards  All certified teachers  Many veteran teachers with years of experience working with children

8 What’s New in Title I This Year?  Our Math Facilitator/Coach will be spearheading the implementation of the new math curriculum, Math in Focus. She will be providing professional development to teachers and interventionists on best math practices  Our Parent Outreach Coordinator and our Extended Learning Coordinator have a multitude of new opportunities being planned for families throughout the year, with the first one being a family night being held September 21st

9 That’s Title I at WPS in a nutshell! What’s left to say?  Welcome to the new school year!  We are excited and anxious to share in your child’s success at school!  We are always happy to address any questions or concerns you might have!


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