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H IGH S CHOOL R EGISTRATION !!! What every freshman needs to know…

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1 H IGH S CHOOL R EGISTRATION !!! What every freshman needs to know…

2 T HE S TORY OF P HILIP From the time he was 10 years old, Philip wanted to go to college at the same school his mom and dad attended. They told him it was ‘very selective,’ but he was wasn’t sure what that meant. Still, the goal was in his head, and he knew he needed to work toward it. When he was in sixth grade, he decided to write to the college and ask for information about admission requirements. He found out that to be considered for admission, he needed to get all A’s and B’s in high school and get a high score on the ACT. Philip started planning backwards. In order to get A’s and B’s in high school, he needed to have a good academic background in middle school. He learned he needed to study, and he began reading and increasing his vocab for the ACT. Philip had six years to plan backwards for his goal. He had to work hard every grading period and even went to summer school for additional help in math. Most of his friends didn’t have a game plan for their lives, but Philip did.

3 S TORY OF P HILIP C ONTINUED When Philip began his senior year of high school, he was ready with his college application. He had the qualifications and thought he would achieve his goal of getting into the college of his choice. His friends were surprised to learn how difficult it was to get into a ‘good’ school. They had goals, but they hadn’t planned backwards. The college Philip chose accepted him. His friends said, “Oh, Philip’s a brain, and he’s just lucky.” Philip felt they were wrong. He believed he had accomplished his goal through planning backwards and then doing a lot of hard work.

4 W HAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS … and how do you get there?

5 W HAT DO COLLEGES LOOK FOR ? 1. High school course work 2. Your class rank and grade point average 3. Your ACT or SAT score 4. Extracurricular activities and/or volunteering



8 N UMBER OF C REDITS TO G RADUATE : Each semester (.5) credit is earned if D or higher in class Number needed to graduate? 24 Take up to 7 classes a semester Total 28 possible credits

9 NUMBER OF CREDITS TO GRADUATE ENGLISH............................................. 4.0 MATH................................................ 3.0 1.0 credit Algebra I content SCIENCE.............................................. 2.0 SOCIAL STUDIES...................................... 2.0 1.0 credit U.S. History Successful completion of Constitution Test HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION................................3.5 Required to take PE every semester unless if they are a junior or senior and qualify for an exemption of the Board of Education guidelines (policy information available in course description book) CONSUMER EDUCATION...............................0.5 ELECTIVES........................................... 9.0 TOTAL.............................................. 24.0 U NIT 5 G RADUATION C REDIT R EQUIREMENTS

10 I MPORTANT I NFORMATION ABOUT G RADING : To figure your G.P.A., the grades you earn for the semester are assigned point value. Those points are then added up and averaged. REMINDER – there is no starting over! Grades and GPA’s are based on semesters. Your G.P.A. is cumulative – that means as you move on in high school, all your new grades are averaged in with the ones you have already earned Freshman grades are important!!!!!

11 S TUDY H ALL OR C LASS WHICH WAY DO I GO ? I struggle to complete homework at home Jobs/Activities after school fill my time I need to access teachers/tutors for help I currently have D’s/F’s Interested in selective colleges Want to be academically competitive (GPA/Class Rank) Want to take multiple electives Take a Study Hall? Take a 7 th Class?

12 W HAT IS THIS PERSON ’ S GPA FIRST SEMESTER ? Grades: English 1– A Algebra – B Health – C Regional World Studies – B French II – B Biology – C Study hall GPA = 3.83/5.0 Weighted Grade System [AP] Advanced Placement Level A=6; B=5; C=4; D=3; F=0 [H] Honors Level A=6; B=5; C=4; D=3; F=0 Standard Level A=5; B=4; C=3; D=2; F=0 [B] Base Level A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0 Note – any course that does not have a AP, H, or B next to the course is considered to be a standard level course

13 R EGISTRATION S HEET AGRICULTURE AGR 051/052 Introduction to Agricultural Industry (1) ART ART 051/052 Contemporary Crafts (1/2) ART 101/102 Commercial Art I (1/2) ART 112 Commercial Art II* (1/2) ART 151/152 Drawing & Painting I (1/2) ART 162 Drawing & Panting II* (1/2) ART 201/202 Ceramics & Sculpture I (1/2) ART 212 Ceramics & Sculpture II* (1/2) BUSINESS BUS 051/052 Introduction to Business (1) BUS 111/112 Computer Applications 1 (1/2) BUS 211/212 Computer Applications 2 (1/2) BUS 301/302 Office Keyboarding Apps (1) ENGLISH*** ENG 151/152 English 1(1) ENG 171/172 Honors English 1 (1) ELA 101/102 Focused Language Arts I (1) (Elective Credit, In combination with ENG151/152) FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE FCS 111/112 Culinary Arts (1/2) FCS 122 Food For Thought (1/2) FCS 351 Fashion 1 (1/2) FCS 352 Fashion 2 (1/2) FCS 701/702 Lifestyle Management (1) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FOR 111/112 French I (1) FOR 121/122 French II (1) FOR 211/212 German I (1) FOR 311/312 Spanish I (1) FOR 321/322 Spanish II (1) FOR 411/412 Spanish for Heritage Speakers (1) MATH*** MAT 151/152 Pre-Algebra – B (1) MAT 331/332 Focused Algebra 1 (1) (Elective Credit, In combination with MAT321/322) MAT 321/322 Algebra I (1) MAT 521/522 Geometry (1) MAT 601/602 Honors Geometry (1) MAT 681/682 Algebra 2 (1) MAT 721/722 Honors Algebra 2 (1) MUSIC MUS 111/112 NCHS Treble Choir (Female) (1) MUS 121/122 NCHS Men’s Choir (1) MUS 211/212 WEST Concert Choir (1) MUS 231/232 Concert Orchestra (1) MUS 141/142 Concert Winds (1) MUS 241/242 Symphonic Band (1) MUS 341/342 Symphonic Winds (1) MUS 441/442 Wind Ensemble (1) PHYSICAL EDUCATION** * PHY 051/052 Health (1/2) PHY 101 & DRV 101 Driver’s Ed / Swim (1/2) PHY 111 & DRV 111 Swim / Driver’s Ed (1/2) PHY 102 & DRV 102 Driver’s Ed / Swim (1/2) PHY 112 & DRV 112 Swim / Driver’s Ed (1/2) PHY 131/132 Foundations to Fitness (1/2) PHY631/632 Advanced Aquatics (1/2) PHY 701/702 Lifestyle Management (1) SCIENCE SCI 101/102 Biology (1) SCI 201/202 Honors Biology (1) SOCIAL STUDIES SOC 101/102 Regional World Studies (1) STUDY HALL STH 101 Study Hall 1 st Semester (0) STH 102 Study Hall 2 nd Semester (0) TECHNOLOGY TEC 081/082 Technology Concepts (1/2 or 1) TEC 251/252 Materials Application & Processing (1/2 or 1) TEC 411/412 Introduction to Engineering (1) TEC 491/492 Animation and Rendering (1/2 or 1)

14 E XAMPLE S CHEDULE Course Title 1.Algebra (.5) 2. English 1 (.5) 3. Health (.5) 4. Regional World Studies (.5) 5. Biology (.5) 6. Study Hall (no credit) 7. French (.5) Total: 3.0 credits to be earned Course Title 1.Culinary Arts (.5) 2. Biology (.5) 3. French (.5) 4. Regional World Studies (.5) 5. English 1 (.5) 6. Algebra(.5) 7. Driver’s Ed/Swim (.5) Total: 3.5 credits to be earned A credit can only be earned for a grade of D or higher.

15 A DDITIONAL I NFORMATION Freshmen Orientation on January 7 th at 6:30pm at BOTH high schools Course requests mailed home by February 27th THE LAST DAY TO CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE IS MARCH 20 th Four year plans with your counselor DO NOT lose your course description book or registration sheet Share this information with your parents/guardians – the PowerPoint will be online as well Enter course requests w/ your middle school counselor via Career Cruising


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