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What benefits do you think you gain from regular physical activity?

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1 What benefits do you think you gain from regular physical activity?

2  Any movement that requires your large muscle groups to work is considered physical activity.  What are some examples?  Teens should spend at least 60 minutes per day in physical activity.  Fact or Myth: Physical activity causes chemical changes in your brain that can influence your mood.

3  Cardiovascular System: ◦ Heart and blood vessels receive the most benefit from regular physical activity. ◦ As your heart becomes stronger it can pump more blood with less effort. ◦ The number of capillaries in your muscles increases, which may reduce blood pressure. ◦ Exercise also lowers blood cholesterol levels.

4  Weight Maintenance: ◦ Regular physical activity increases your basal metabolic rate-the amount of energy your body uses when you are at rest. ◦ An active metabolism makes it easier to remain at a healthy weight. ◦ Staying at a healthy weight can reduce your risk for developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

5  Bone Strength: ◦ Physical activities should include some weight bearing exercises such as jumping rope or walking. ◦ These activities make your bones stronger and denser. ◦ Having strong dense bones may reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis later in life.

6  Balance and Coordination: ◦ Physical activity improves your balance and coordination, which may, in turn, improve your athletic ability. ◦ In addition, good balance and coordination can also reduce your risk of injury while performing chores such as climbing ladders or carrying packages down stairs.

7  During continuous exercise, your brain releases endorphins, chemicals that block pain messages from reaching your brain cells.  Endorphins are also responsible for the feelings of satisfaction and pleasure you feel after a good workout.

8  People who exercise regularly are likely to be more self-confident and focused, and have reduced stress levels.  Simple stretching exercises, for example, can relax tense muscles and help you sleep better.  If you are upset or depressed, physical activity can help improve your mood.  Many health professionals consider physical activity an important part of treatment for depression.

9  Read pages 316-317

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