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A Birthday Basket for Tia

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1 A Birthday Basket for Tia
Second Grade Reading Unit 6 Story 3

2 Vocabulary Words present aunt basket collects bank favorite piñata
ninetieth tia

3 present Something that someone gives you or that you give someone.

4 aunt Your father’s or you mother’s sister; your uncle’s wife.

5 baskets Something to carry or store things in.

6 collects To brings things together or to gather things.

7 bank A place where people keep their money.

8 favorite The one thing you like better than all the others.

9 piñata A decorated shape filled with candy, fruit, and small toys and hung at a holiday time in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Blindfolded children swing sticks in order to break to get what is inside.

10 ninetieth Next after the 89th. 85 86 87 88 89

11 tia The Spanish word for aunt.

12 Amazing Words celebration custom tradition create inspect angle
brilliant snapshot

13 celebration A party or other activity in which people might eat, play music, and have a good time together to show happiness about a special day or when something good happens.

14 custom Something that people always do or have done for a long time.

15 tradition A custom or belief that is handed down from generation to generation.

16 create To make something that hasn’t been made before.

17 inspect To look at something very carefully.

18 angle The way from which you look at something and see it.

19 brilliant Very bright and sparkling.

20 snapshot A simple picture taken with a camera.

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