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Education in Delaware: ESEA Flexibility Renewal Community Town Hall Ryan Reyna, Office of Accountability.

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1 Education in Delaware: ESEA Flexibility Renewal Community Town Hall Ryan Reyna, Office of Accountability

2 | Overview of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility renewal Process and Timeline Requirements Opportunities for engagement Topics 1

3 | No Child Left Behind Act has not been renewed No Child Left Behind Act required states to ▫ Set academic standards and assess the standards annually ▫ Publicize performance of all students and subgroups of students ▫ Get all students to “Proficient” in Reading and mathematics by 2013-14 school year ▫ Label schools and enforce consequences for not meeting expectations over time Without flexibility, all schools and districts would likely be labeled “failing,” leading to a loss of autonomy and potentially funding Why ESEA Flexibility? 2

4 | 1. College- and career-ready expectations for all students 2. Differentiated recognition, accountability and support systems for schools and districts 3. Supporting effective instruction and leadership 4. Reducing duplication and unnecessary burden Note: Italics represents new/changed requirements contained in ESEA Flexibility renewal application compared to previous request ESEA Flexibility Principles 3

5 | Approved for ESEA Flexibility May 2012 ▫ Approved for 2012-13 and 2013-14 Approved for ESEA Flexibility extension July 2014 ▫ Included amendments to address Smarter Balanced assessments and better differentiate supports, incentives and consequences for schools and districts ▫ Approved for 2014-15 ESEA Flexibility renewal guidance released November 2014 ▫ Applications due by March 31, 2015 ▫ Renewal for 3 years through 2017-18 DE ESEA Flexibility Historical Overview 4

6 | Amend current plans Describe continuous improvement process across all principles Demonstrate continued commitment to implementing principles Describe community engagement efforts Important Note: If the Extension is not approved, then DDOE will be required to implement full “NCLB” requirements in 2015-16. 5 ESEA Flex Renewal – Requirements

7 | Each state must: Update plan to describe implementation of ▫ College- and career-ready standards ▫ High-quality, aligned assessments (including general, alternate and English language proficiency) Describe how continuing to support all students, including student subgroups 6 ESEA Flex Renewal – Principle 1

8 | Each state must: Demonstrate that the accountability system takes into account achievement and graduation rate gaps Describe how the State will ensure increased rigor of supports and interventions in schools that do not exit Priority or Focus status Identify a strategy for holding districts accountable for improving performance 7 ESEA Flex Renewal – Principle 2

9 | Each state may: Request a one-year “pause” in the implementation of school ratings following the administration of new assessments Request to wait until January 2016 to reset its annual assessment targets 8 ESEA Flex Renewal – Principle 2 Cont.

10 | Each state must: Provide an assurance that implementation of teacher and leader evaluations is on-track If modifications are necessary, provide an update on implementation progress and provide rationale for any proposed changes 9 ESEA Flex Renewal – Principle 3

11 | Seeking public input on the direction forward ▫ What’s working? ▫ What can be improved? To start, DE is proposing the following changes as required by the US Department of Education: ▫ Use of new, multiple measure accountability system for capturing school, district and state performance ▫ Updating expectations for school performance to be more in line with Smarter Balanced scores 10 ESEA Flex Renewal – Where We Are Going

12 | Multiple opportunities for public input ▫ ESEA Town Halls (one in each county and two online) ▫ Public presentation of proposal in March ▫ All documents will be available on DDOE website: ▫ PowerPoint, FAQ and methodology documents to be developed for new accountability system ▫ Series of stakeholder meetings ▫ Email comments: How else would you like to provide input? 11 ESEA Flex Renewal – Public Input

13 | To access ESEA Flexibility renewal materials visit: To submit public comments email: Questions? 12

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