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Integrated Science Unit 2, Chapter 5.

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1 Integrated Science Unit 2, Chapter 5

2 Unit Two: Work and Energy
Chapter 5 Work, Energy and Power 5.1 Work 5.2 Energy Conservation 5.3 Energy Transformations

3 Chapter 5 Learning Goals
Calculate the amount of work done by a simple machine. Use units of joules to measure the amount of work done. Analyze the effects of changing force or distance in a simple machine. Calculate the efficiency of a machine. Calculate power in machines. Discuss perpetual motion machines.

4 Chapter 5 Vocabulary Terms
chemical energy electrical energy energy transformations heat efficiency horsepower joule energy kinetic energy law of conservation of energy nuclear energy potential energy watt power work radiant energy radiation solar power

5 5.1 Work Force (N) Work (joules) W = F x d Distance (m)


7 5.1 Work What happens when you multiply forces in machines?
Key Question: What happens when you multiply forces in machines? *Read text section 5.1 BEFORE Investigation 5.1

8 5.2 Power Work (joules) Power (watts) P = W t Time (sec)

9 5.2 Energy Energy is the ability to do work.
Any object that has energy has the ability to create force. Energy is measured in the same units as work. A joule is a unit of force that acts over a distance.

10 5.2 Potential Energy Ep = mgh Mass (kg) Potential Energy (joules)
Height (m) Acceleration of gravity (m/sec2)

11 5.2 Kinetic Energy Ek = 1 mv2 2 Mass (kg) Kinetic Energy Speed (m/sec)
(joules) Ek = 1 mv2 2 Speed (m/sec)

12 5.2 Energy Conservation What is energy and how does it behave?
Key Question: What is energy and how does it behave? *Read text section 5.2 BEFORE Investigation 5.2

13 5.3 Energy Transformations
Energy transformations occur between different types of energy. radiant energy electrical energy chemical energy nuclear energy

14 Energy Transformations in a Power Plant
Power plants convert chemical energy into electrical energy. chemical energy heat energy mechanical energy electrical energy


16 5.3 Energy Transformations
Key Question: Where did the energy go? *Read text section 5.3 BEFORE Investigation 5.3

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