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WIP Annotated Bibliography

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1 WIP Annotated Bibliography

2 What is a Running Annotated Bibliography?
A Works Cited page that includes summary and analysis of each cited source. Running Annotated Bibliography: The same assignment, except we continue adding sources to it over the course of the project.

3 Types of Sources, Semester One
Due 10/28: Website Due 11/4: Periodical Due 11/18: Academic Journal Due 12/2: Book or E-Book All sources will be about your assigned issue in your assigned country.

4 I know what the others are, but… What is an Academic Journal?
Articles written by experts in a field for other experts in that field Einstein ( ) & Marie Curie ( ). I have no idea if they ever reviewed each other’s work, but they lived at the same time and Einstein admired her, they attended conferences and took hiking trips together.  Photo credits:

5 All Sources Must Be Reliable!
Authority: WHO created the source and are they an expert on my topic? Bias: WHY did they create it? What’s their purpose? Currency: WHEN did they create it? How recent does it need to be for my topic? NOTE: Ann Bib page specifically prohibits certain websites, wikipedia,, etc.—talk about that

6 What does the page look like?
Times New Roman, 12 point Font, 1 inch Margins HEADING: Name, Teacher Name, Class & Period, Date (Day Mon. Year) in top LEFT corner of page one Your last name and page number in top RIGHT corner of all pages after page one ALPHABETICAL order SPACING: Citation is double spaced, with a hanging indent Annotation is single spaced, and left justified Between source entries, there should be one “return button” space Let’s make a template… HAVE STUDENTS CREATE A TEMPLATE

7 Now that I have my page set up, what do I do for each source?
Create an MLA citation for your source. Underneath your citation, type a paragraph that: 1. SUMMARIZES the source (Should include a direct, cited quotation from source) 2. ANALYZES the validity of the source (what makes this source believable/reliable?) 3. REFLECTS upon the source’s use/value to your project.

8 What exactly do the Annotations look like?
Shh…don’t tell anyone, but there is a template in the packet p … …just follow it directly!

9 A couple tips about that template…
“Genre of source” means… “Info about author” means… What level of detail is needed? How do we do a parenthetical citation?

10 (Parenthetical Citations)
Author’s last name and page number: “The government continues to restrict freedom of speech” (Zonta 183).

11 OR…if there’s no author…
Use page title/article title and page number “Protester grievances focused on police brutality” (“Demonstrations Erupt in Cairo” A5).

12 If there’s no page #, leave it out
If there’s no page #, leave it out. Some teachers will ask you to include the paragraph number: According to The World Factbook, “Living conditions for the average Egyptian remain poor” (“Egypt”).

13 Book Washington, Jeff and Bill Smith. China. New York: Random House, Print.

14 Reference (Encyclopedia) A lot like a book, but with an “article name” and without publisher info:
With an author: Smith, Homer. “Tunisia.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 3rd ed Print. Without an author: “Tunisia.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 3rd ed Print.

15 Website Citation “Mexico.” The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency, 7 Nov Web. 13 Jan <

16 Periodical Citation (Online Periodical)
Achenbach, Joel. “America’s River.” Washington Post 5 May Web. 10 Jan < newssearch/search.html?st=May%205,% >.

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