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QUALITY IN MOBILITY Management of International Mobility Programme Triple I Elina Tulla, University of Turku 3 February 2011.

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1 QUALITY IN MOBILITY Management of International Mobility Programme Triple I Elina Tulla, University of Turku 3 February 2011

2 ERASMUS MUNDUS Erasmus Mundus Programme Action 1 Action 2 Partnerships Action 3 Erasmus Mundus Promotion Projects Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programmes Strand 2 Lots 1-5 North America, Pacific, East Asia, South- East Asia, Gulf Strand 1 Lots 1-15 the old ECW 3 February 2011

3 QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) “The process or set of processes adopted nationally and institutionally to ensure the quality of educational programmes and qualifications awarded.” (ECTS Users' Guide) Transparency, visibility 3 February 2011

4 QUALITY COMPONENTS 1.Partnership composition and cooperation mechanism Partnership's experience in management of international cooperation projects Partners involvement and participation 2.Implementation of the mobility Impartial and transparent selection process Study recognition and transfer 3.Students' and staff facilities and follow-up 3 February 2011

5 Partnership composition and cooperation mechanism 3 February 2011

6 TRIPLE I CONSORTIUM European partners: University of Turku (Coordinator) University of Algarve University of Bologna University of Deusto University of Göttingen Humboldt University Berlin Katholieke University Leuven University of Latvia Pultusk Academy of Humanities Russian partners: Higher School of Economics Immanuel Kant State University of Russia Irkutsk State University Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University Petrozavodsk State University Russian State University for the Humanities St. Petersburg State University Udmurt State University Ural State University Yaroslav-The-Wise Novgorod State University 3 February 2011

7 PARTNERS' EXPERIENCE IN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Triple I Consortium since 2008 Coordinator's experience in management of international cooperation projects and close links to Russian HEIs Partners active participation in various international networks 3 February 2011

8 PARTNERS' INVOLVEMENT AND PARTICIPATION Contact persons in each partner university General information online, intranet, information leaflets, information sessions etc Participation in decision making Utilize their contacts and networks to promote Triple I beyond their own reach Assist in recruiting applicants outside the partnership 3 February 2011

9 PROJECT MANAGEMENT WITHIN THE CONSORTIUM Turku team and partner contact persons Moodle E-mail lists Monthly electronic newsletter to partners Online questionnaires Consortium and Selection Committee Meetings 3 February 2011

10 Implementation of the mobility 3 February 2011

11 IMPARTIAL AND TRANSPARENT SELECTION PROCESS Free mobility: no fixed quotas or pre-selections Online application form Jointly agreed application and selection procedure and selection criteria Respect of selection criteria Procedures and criteria are public and described for the applicants on Triple I web page 3 February 2011

12 Students and staff facilities and follow-up 3 February 2011

13 STUDY RECOGNITION AND TRANSFER “…it is a minimum requirement for all partners to consider the study period abroad as an integral part of the study programme. Full academic recognition will be given by the home university for the study period (including examinations or other forms of assessment) spent in the host HEI(s).” (EMA2 Programme Guide 2009-2013) 3 February 2011

14 AGREED MECHANISMS FOR STUDY RECOGNITION Consortium is dedicated to the use of ECTS in Triple I mobilities All partners provide Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplements (DS) for graduating students Hosting institution issues to its incoming exchange period students a transcript of records according to or translated into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) of the studies completed and Host University’s graduating students shall be issued DS Learning Agreement an important tool 3 February 2011

15 Diagram 1: Counseling on credit transfer and recognition of studies 3 February 2011

16 INTERNAL AND JOINT MONITORING MECHANISM OF MOBILITIES Each partner university has effective internal QA systems QA as regular function Agreements detailing the terms of the grant Final Reports and Annual Reports securing academic work is accomplished 3 February 2011

17 Summary 3 February 2011

18 1. Planning and Organisation Institutional Commitment Sharing tasks and responsibilities Efficient communication mechanisms 4. Monitoring Reports Quality Assurance Evaluation questionnaires Balance of flows Regular monitoring and follow-up visits 2. Visibility and preparatory activities Awareness raising and promotion Working with local partners/authorities Tools and procedures for scholarship application and selection Assistance for Visa 3. Implementation of individual mobility Student Agreements Implementation of recognition mechanisms Administrative and financial management of scholarships Partnership implementation: 4-step cycle Cf. Erasmus Mundus Infodays’ material 2010. 3 February 2011

19 READINGS Quality Handbook of Higher Education in Finland and Russia nbbook.pdf 3 February 2011

20 TRIPLE I 3 February 2011

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