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Unit 5 Vocabulary Environmental Impact of Chemical Reactions.

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1 Unit 5 Vocabulary Environmental Impact of Chemical Reactions

2 Environment The combination of physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon an organism or community of organisms.

3 Environmental Impact Possible negative affects on an ecosystem caused by development (businesses, factories, houses, etc) or by the release of a substance in the environment.

4 Chemical Reaction A process that involves the rearrangement of the molecular structure of a substance or substances.

5 Ozone Depletion Destruction of the upper atmospheric layer of ozone gas by ozone depleting substances (such as aerosols).

6 Economic Impact Deals with the costs and benefits of a policy or decision. Costs refer to the loss, effort, or sacrifice needed to obtain or achieve something. Benefits are the advantages or profits from something.

7 Degradation The breakdown or decomposition of a chemical compound in stages.

8 Heavy Metals A metal of relatively high density, or of relatively high atomic weight.

9 Sulfur Dioxide SO 2 A colorless, toxic gas formed by burning sulfur in the air.

10 Rust A reddish-brown, flaky coating that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation.

11 Pollutants A foreign substance or waste matter that contaminates the water, soil, or air.

12 End Products What is produced as the final result of an activity, process, or reaction.

13 Acid Rain Rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution, typically by burning coal and other fossil fuels. The sulfur and nitrogen gases released from burning fossil fuels combines with atmospheric water to form acids.

14 Greenhouse Effect The warming of Earth due to the presence of certain gases in the atmosphere, which let sunlight come in but don't let heat go back out into space.

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