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Michelle Obama Lesson: 4.6. A : – (Readiness Standard) sequence and summarize the plot's main events and explain their influence on future. Grade: 4.

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1 Michelle Obama Lesson: 4.6. A : – (Readiness Standard) sequence and summarize the plot's main events and explain their influence on future. Grade: 4 (TX)

2 Introduction This lesson is about Michelle Obama, First lady of USA. Read on to find out more about matters that are of concern to her… Because these matters also concern you! The aim of this lesson is to sequence and summarize the plot’s main events and explain their influence on future events. While you read, it is important for you to locate the main idea and other details that support and give information about the main idea. 2

3 Before you move on... Main Idea and Details Chart: .
Details are words and phrases that give information. Remembering the details, will help us figure out the main idea of a selection. Read each section. Answer the questions Who? What When? Where? Why? and How? Review the answers to your questions. Those are the important details. Use the details to tell the main idea. . 3

4 Michelle – little black girl
1. She is the First Lady, a lawyer, a community outreach worker and wife of US President, Barack Obama. She is also the little black girl from Chicago who beat all the odds to change the face of American politics. She proudly says, "I was raised in a working-class family on the south side of Chicago. That's how I identify myself, a working-class girl," she has told the voters, time after time. 2. However, try asking her who she is and First Lady Michelle Obama describes herself, as “Malia and Sasha's mom.” Outreach - an actor or instance of reaching out to extend service Beat all odds – did everything possible 4

5 Before you move on… Who is the main character in this lesson?
a. Barack Obama – the President of USA b. Michelle Obama – the First Lady of USA c. Malia Obama d. Sasha Obama Ans: b 5

6 Before you move on… Which one of these phrases is used by Michelle Obama to best describe herself? a. The First Lady of USA b. A little black girl c. Malia and Sasha's mom d. Wife of Barack Obama Ans: c 6

7 Michelle – childhood days
She grew up in the south side of Chicago. It was a community where life was a struggle and people worked hard; they looked out for each other, and rallied around their children. She was the daughter of Fraser and Marian Robinson. The Robinsons lived and grew up in the upper floor of a brick bungalow on the south side of Chicago. Fraser was a pump operator for the Chicago Water Department. Marian stayed home to raise Michelle and her older brother Craig. Television was not encouraged in favor of homework, and time was devoted to debates about the issues of the day and improving games of chess. It was a home filled with love, laughter, and important life lessons. The family has been described as a close-knit one that shared family meals, read and played games together. They grew up with activities and traditional values, which are now serving Michelle so well. . Rallied – gathered and organized 7

8 Before you move on… Mark “T” for True and “F” for false.
a. When Michelle was a young girl, television was not encouraged b. Family members used to fight with each other c. Michelle grew up in Texas d. Michelle’s mom worked as a nurse Ans: a=True; b = False; c=False; d=False 8

9 Before you move on… Read paragraphs “Michelle – the little black girl” and “Michelle – early childhood days”. Which paragraph tells us about the important values that shaped Michelle’s character and helped her with her future mission? a. Paragraph # 1 b. Paragraph # 3 c. Paragraph # 4 d. Paragraph # 5 Ans: d 9

10 Before you move on… What do you think could happen to a child who watches too much television? a. it could affect the child’s eyesight, and may impair the hearing b. it makes a child very clever c. it makes a child very expressive d. it could develop a child’s hand and leg movements Ans: a 10

11 Before you move on… You have just read about the house Michelle grew up in. Look at these photographs. In which one of these homes do you think she spent her childhood? Ans: bottom left 11

12 Michelle – the scholar 6. Both siblings had a knack for education, as they both skipped the second grade. They were bright kids, especially Michelle who was a stand-out in school. She went to Chicago public schools. She and her brother were the first to graduate from college in the family. She describes being a graduate as “one big responsibility”. Bright and determined, Michelle was awarded a place at one of Chicago's best schools, which offered special programs for gifted children. Michelle beat huge competition to win a place studying sociology at Princeton, one of America's most expensive universities. As Michelle’s brother always said, “She didn't like to lose.” 7. After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988, she joined the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. That is where she met Barack Obama. Later he became the President of America. Click to add notes 12

13 Before you move on… Michelle’s brother said, “She didn't like to lose.” Discuss what is meant by the description. Michelle Obama has said that being a graduate meant “ one big responsibility” . What do you think this statement means? What responsibilities does she have? 13

14 Michelle Obama – the working mom
After a few years, Mrs. Obama decided her true calling was working with people to serve their communities and their neighbors. She served as assistant commissioner of planning and development in Chicago's City Hall. In 1996, Mrs. Obama joined the University of Chicago with a vision of bringing campus and community together. She developed the university's first community service program, and under her leadership, volunteerism skyrocketed. Working with young people has remained her main career interest. As First Lady, Mrs. Obama works on the issues related to children. She helps in promoting the arts and education, supporting military families, encouraging national service. The project closest to her heart is encouraging healthy eating habits and healthy living for children and families across the country. Calling – vocation, profession Volunteerism skyrocketed – the number of volunteers grew in large numbers 14

15 Michelle Obama – the working mom
11. She is very concerned about obesity among young children. Mrs. Obama recently launched the ‘Let’s Move!’ It is a campaign to bring together community leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, moms and dads in a nationwide effort to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity. 12. It will give parents the support they need, provide healthier food in schools, help our kids to be more physically active, and make healthy, affordable food available in every part of our country. 13. Her efforts are paying off. In December, a bill to make school lunches more nutritious and more accessible was passed. 14. In fact, the McDonald’s chain has set an example to serve healthier food. They have made changes to their “Happy Meals”. The amount of fries have been reduced and the meals are now served with Apple Dippers, and low fat milk or apple juice. Obesity - very fat or overweight Apple Dippers – slices of apple that are accompanied with a dip 15

16 Michelle Obama – the working mom
15. She would like mothers to serve more veggies and the children to go for more fruit helpings. She would like to see children indulge in more play and outdoor activities, than sit glued in front of the television. She is concerned that fat children get bullied and grow up to have many complexes. 16. Apart from setting examples, and being occupied with children’s concern’s , Michelle Obama has today become a fashion icon and a role model for women. She owns an impressive collection of diamond and other expensive jewelry, designer outfits and Jimmy Choo shoes. Complexes – abnormal behavior 16

17 Before you move on… How would you describe Michelle Obama?
a. a fashion icon b. a children’s nurse / care-giver c. a community / social reformer, concerned with children’s health d. a teacher Ans: c 17

18 Before you move on… What are the principles that Michelle Obama believes in? If Michelle Obama’s work and principles are put into practice, how will they affect the future of the children of America? Click to add notes 18

19 Click to add notes 19

20 Before you move on… Look at the logo of Let’s Move! and the photograph below it. a. What do you understand by looking at the logo? What does the logo signify? b. What do you conclude by looking at the photograph below the logo? Ans: a. It is about ……………………………………….. and ………………………………………… . b. ………………………………….started the campaign involving …………………………………. Click to add notes 20

21 Lets Move! – an initiative by Michelle Obama
Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady. It is dedicated to solving the problem of obesity. It is aimed at children who will be grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams for a better tomorrow. Click to add notes 21

22 Lets Move! – America’s move to raise healthier kids
Mrs. Obama picked a great teammate to help get her message out… Grammy Award winner Beyoncé Knowles who is a big fan of Michelle Obama has teamed up to help kids get in shape across the country. Beyoncé has compiled a music and dance video that plays a role in Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity. Click to add notes 22

23 Before you move on… How do you think Let’s Move! will affect children?
a. It will help to teach manners and etiquette to children b. It will help the children to walk better c. It will teach the children to dance d. It will solve the problem of obesity Ans: d 23

24 Lets Move! – campaign by Michelle Obama
These are the principles of the campaign: Creating a healthy start for children Empowering parents and caregivers Providing healthy food in schools Improving access to healthy, affordable foods Increasing physical activity Click to add notes 24

25 Sum it up Compile a list of things / activities one must do to stay healthy. What food items do you think Michelle Obama would encourage kids to have? Discuss the ill effects that fatty foods could have on kids. Click to add notes 25

26 Great job today!

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