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Major Cancer Milestones

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1 Major Cancer Milestones

2 Major Cancer Milestones

3 1970–1979 Major Cancer Milestones
Early 1970s: Increased use of radioactive ''seeds'' to target prostate and other cancers

4 1970–1979 Major Cancer Milestones
Late 1960s–early 1970s: Screening tests for colorectal cancer dramatically reduce deaths 1971: National Cancer Act of 1971 becomes law 1971: More limited mastectomy proven effective for early-stage breast cancer

5 1970–1979 Major Cancer Milestones
1970s: CT scanning provides clearer images of tumors, guiding radiation and other treatments

6 1970–1979 Major Cancer Milestones
1970s: Use of cancer-causing asbestos declines 1975–1976: First adjuvant chemotherapy increases cure rates for early-stage breast cancer

7 1970–1979 Major Cancer Milestones
1977: New treatments cure men with testicular cancer 1977: Many women with breast cancer can opt for breast-conserving surgery Late 1970s: Growing use of mammography saves lives

8 Major Cancer Milestones

9 1980–1989 Major Cancer Milestones
1981: First cancer vaccine prevents cancer-causing hepatitis B infection

10 1980–1989 Major Cancer Milestones
1982: Limited surgery helps rectal cancer patients avoid colostomies

11 1980–1989 Major Cancer Milestones
1986: PSA test enables early detection of prostate cancer 1986: Second-hand smoke formally declared a carcinogen 1986: Tamoxifen reduces breast cancer recurrence 1986: Global guidelines help ensure proper pain management

12 1980–1989 Major Cancer Milestones
1985–1991: Adjuvant therapy proven for colorectal cancer Late 1980s: Benzene discovered to cause blood cancers

13 1980–1989 Major Cancer Milestones
1989: Drugs to boost blood cells help patients finish cancer treatment, reduce infections

14 Major Cancer Milestones

15 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
Early 1990s: Laparoscopic surgery minimizes pain, recovery time for several cancers Early 1990s: Shift to 3-D radiation treatment plans increases precision, safety of therapy

16 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
Early 1990s: Cancer deaths begin steady decline 1991: Powerful anti-nausea drugs alleviate major side effect of cancer treatment

17 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
1992: Sentinel lymph node biopsy determines cancer's spread with fewer side effects

18 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
1970s–1990s: Melanoma linked to sun exposure 1992–1994: Taxanes emerge as a vital chemotherapy option for ovarian, breast cancer

19 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
1997: FDA approves first-ever targeted cancer drug, rituximab 1997: Surgery found to cure some patients with advanced colon cancer Late 1990s: Prophylactic surgery helps prevent breast and ovarian cancers in women at high risk

20 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
Late 1990s: New radiotherapy technique enables precise targeting of tumors near sensitive tissue 1998: Drug therapy can reduce breast cancer risk in women at high risk 1998: Treatment guidelines highlight obesity-cancer link 1998: Chemotherapy before surgery helps more women benefit from breast-conserving treatment

21 1990–1999 Major Cancer Milestones
1998, 2006: First targeted anti-breast cancer drug, trastuzumab (Herceptin), has major impact on care

22 Major Cancer Milestones

23 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2000: Study links household radon exposure to lung cancer

24 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2001: New targeted therapy transforms treatment for rare leukemia 2001: Imatinib found highly effective against rare gastrointestinal tumor

25 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
1998–2003: Doubling of U.S. biomedical research budget expands cancer research

26 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2003: Scientists decode the human genome 2003: Obesity pinpointed as cause of many cancer deaths 2003, 2004: First targeted drugs for lung cancer attack ''EGFR'' receptor

27 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2004: FDA approves first ''anti-angiogenic'' drug, bevacizumab 2004, 2006: Two targeted drugs approved for advanced colon cancer 2004–2005: Adjuvant therapy proven effective in lung cancer

28 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2005: U.S. launches effort to map cancer genomes 2005: Research sheds light on long-term health problems of cancer survivors

29 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2006: First vaccine approved to prevent cervical cancer

30 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2009, 2010: Major studies report conflicting results about benefits of PSA testing

31 2000–Present Major Cancer Milestones
2010: CT scanning reduces lung cancer deaths among heavy smokers 2010: First drug shown to improve survival for patients with advanced melanoma 2010: Adding palliative care to standard chemotherapy improves survival for advanced lung cancer patients 2011: Record number of Americans surviving cancer – nearly 12 million

32 Five-Year Survival Major Cancer Milestones
Source: National Cancer Institute

33 Major Cancer Milestones
Mortality Source: National Cancer Institute

34 Major Cancer Milestones
New Cases Source: National Cancer Institute

35 Visit CancerProgress.Net for an interactive timeline of progress against a range of common cancers
CancerProgress.Net is a project of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which represents nearly 30,000 physicians who treat people with cancer and research new cures

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