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Smart Health-Labs Gijs van Rijn Manchester 27-09-2013 H2020 - Societal Challenges.

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1 Smart Health-Labs Gijs van Rijn Manchester 27-09-2013 H2020 - Societal Challenges

2 Vision In a smart city investments in capital and communication contribute to sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life. Resources are being used as efficient as possible. AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

3 Mission Amsterdam Smart City brings together parties in a platform with the aim of initiating projects and activities in the fields of living, working, mobility, public space and connnectivity. We offer the opportunity to test technologies, services, concepts and products in living labs. Openness is key.. AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

4 Amsterdam Smart City Amsterdam Smart City is a unique collaboration between the inhabitants of Amsterdam, businesses, knowledge institutions and governments aimed at increasing sustainability and enhancing the quality of life. Collective effort Economic viability Create Awareness Tech push / demand pull AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

5 Health-Lab To support and stimulate ICT & Care developments: Creating a platform where all people meet, discuss and share development and implementation of new solutions in care Support and stimulate the set-up of several living lab locations were new solutions can be tested and improved, together with users The creation of new curricula’s focused on the implementation of these new solutions in educational settings H2020 - Societal Challenges AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

6 Ambition ‘In 2025 every Amsterdam citizen is able to control their own care needs’ AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

7 Lab 1: Sensors at living lab location ‘De Keyzer’ At the Keyzer sensors are used to create personalized data of movements and behaviour, with this data healthcare needs can be customized. Facts & results 18 senior residences Understanding patterns of Daily Living activities Data is source for new services Visualisation of data Monitoring healthcare needs Early stage diagnosis of sickness Work of care givers is more (cost) efficient AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

8 Auditive support of orientation At Dr. Sarpahtihuis the influences of sound on behaviour and movement are researched, with noises of recognition elderly are guided and supported in their movement. Facts & results Research on technical applicability's Recognition of location Usable for emergency protocols Prevention of wandering Increase of control at the elderly Mind your step! AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

9 At multiple locations optic technology is installed and connected to e.g. iPhones, thereby late night surveillance at big care institutions may become more efficient. Facts & results Research on technical possibilities Cost efficiency, less guards Early stage warning Increase safety Balance IT - Camera Surveillance AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

10 Digital choir In Almere senior citizens use online services to participate in a digital choir, hereby elderly maintain easy access to activities in a larger community. Facts & results Multiple actors The broadband connection seniors can sing synchronous Stay part of a social community Decrease loneliness Digital choir is a starter for other social activities AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

11 GP and Telecare Care given by general practitioners can be done using an online video connection, at location De Keyzer we test these services with COPD patients who frequent need life style consulting. Facts & results Learn from new ways of contact between GP and COPD patient Opportunity to do group conversations with multiple COPD patients Ability to record conversations and review with close care giver GP works more efficient Easy access to care by patient Increase mutual support through connection of fellow suffers AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

12 Fall Prevention With optic technology risks of falling is detected in an early stage, camera’s are used tot analyse movements that indicate falling. Facts & results Research on how seniors fall, regarding stability and strength of muscles Act to prevent falling No images are communicated, only signalling Less care needed caused by falling Increase safety AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

13 Students in Motion Example: 20 students ask people on the street to what extent they are willing to help a neighbour? Would you help with chores at home? Or give support in sanitary environments? Facts & results Many simple, practical and useful research projects Youtube video with all results Understanding the ability of people in city environment Contribution to many misperceptions that exist in our society; in this case people were more helpful than expected AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

14 GetConnected: serious gaming 50 students and several care institutions are developing games that stimulate seniors to keep moving and maintain social interaction, together with the elderly. Facts & results 10 teams of 5 students ‘Informatics’ Assignments are given by the institution and the elderly Increase of interaction between clients Several serious games developed, some students become entrepreneur AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

15 Using Scale Models Scale models are used in living lab exercises to show the elderly how certain devices work, by understanding the concept seniors feel more safe regarding collaboration and the technology. Facts & results In preparation phase its showed how sensors actually function in a living environment By moving particles the sensors register and show data Better understanding of technology Increase of acceptance in pilot participation AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

16 And many more…. Online Physiotherapy Ipads Historic video wall for demented Hearplay - visual disabilities V2me friendship finder system A2E2 – Digital Coach AMSTERDAM SMART CITY


18 We believe.. 1.The City is an Open Platform 2.Products and Services are User Centric 3.Paradigm shift: Ownership vs Availability AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

19 19 Vernieuwde site Tekst Visit: AMSTERDAM SMART CITY

20 Health-Lab is looking for EU partners! AMSTERDAM SMART CITY Why? To co-create, learn and share experiences eHealth developments - H2020 Societal challenges For collaboration in FI-PPP phase 3 call Interested? -> let’s meet in the speed-dating Room!! H2020 - Societal Challenges

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