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MAT 331 Mathematical solving problem with computers.

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1 MAT 331 Mathematical solving problem with computers

2 About me Moira Chas Office Location: 4-103 Math Tower (ors 5-114 Math Tower)‏ Office hours: Tu-Th 9:30am-11:00am, and by appointment Homepage:

3 Ms, Mrs, Miss, Madam, Dr, Professor? Moira

4 Course Homepages spr09/ –announcements –Syllabus –Textbook: On-line notes by Scott Sutherland. –Schedule (lecture slides, hw, etc …)‏ –etc. –message board –grades

5 Course goals Learn how to use the computer as a tool to help in the solution of math problems. Understand the mathematics behind the problems we will be working on. Since software and computers change constantly, we are going to learn how to learn.

6 Course Description This course serves as an introduction to computing for the math student. After a general introduction to the use of the computers, we will turn to more mathematical problems. The emphasis of this course is on the problem solving portion of the title: we will take a series of problems and try to find solutions (or approximate solutions), keeping in mind that we have access to computers. We will discuss the problems and development of necessary mathematics, and then we will turn to the computers to explore and work out the solutions.

7 Textbook Notes by Prof Sutherland and Simanca. Available at the course website. There is a good Maple manual at Maplesoft website (you need to sign in but it you can downloaded for free)‏

8 Computers and Software We will use Maple 12 (but if you know how to use other tools, you are welcome to do so). You can buy a Maple CD at the Seawolves Marketplace for $5. Maple 12 is also available in all Sync Sites.

9 How are grades computed? Weekly homework problems 20 % 2 or 3 projects50% Class participation 10 % Maple Exam (close to the end of the term)20 % Except for the class participation, the grade will be strongly based on performance. Effort will always contribute but it is not the basis of the grade. Both the expository and computational aspects of the project write-ups will be graded.

10 Homework policy No late homework or projects will be accepted. But if you have a serious reason for a delay communicate it to me as soon as possible.

11 Homework Problems A problem is a homework assignment, that you should be able to complete in at most a couple of hours. Each problem counts for the same amount of points, whether they are easy or difficult, and there will be between two and four weekly problems. Each problem should contain a description of the steps performed.

12 Projects A project is more like a term paper (divided into paper and Maple file) you will be expected to devote a significant amount of time to doing it, as well as taking care with the presentation. The expository part of each project should contain an introduction, a detailed description of the problem or topic, what means were used in solve it, and the solution. These write-ups should be detailed enough so that someone who has not taken the class can read and understand them, and will believe the solution is correct.

13 Projects These write-ups are often acceptable for the mathematics writing requirement. If you want to use a project as your writing requirement, let me know before the project is graded. (Or at least, as soon as it was graded.)‏

14 Can you work with somebody else? You may discuss the assignments in this course with classmates, before working in the write-up. Each student's submission must be his or her own work. Files cannot be shared in any way, only preliminary general discussion is aloud.

15 ACADEMIC DISHONESTY All work you submit for homework, projects, or exams MUST be your own work. If you cheat or aid someone in cheating, you will automatically fail this course and be brought up on charges of academic dishonesty without warning. Cheat includes: presenting work of other as your own (like cutting and pasting from the internet), copying other student work, facilitate that other student copies your work. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!

16 Reasons for not cheating 1.It is wrong. 2.It does not help you learn. 3.You will be penalized. 4.It is wrong.

17 Why so much work? This course requires practice to learn How to succeed in this course: –Working during the lectures (which implies, in particular, coming to the lectures.)‏ –Doing all homework problems and projects. –Asking for hints when you a problem seems not solvable. –Participating in class and asking questions. –Reading the textbook. –Spending time working with Maple –Turning off ipods, cell-phones, text-messaging in class. –NOT using the computer during class for extra-class activites.

18 The mysterious vanishing student Why would a student not take an exam, but remain registered for a course? Why would a student not do any assignments, but remain registered for a course?

19 Facts to remember 3 ½ months is not a long time Points are more difficult to makeup later in the semester To succeed you need to have the same sense of urgency for the 1 st assignment as you would for the last

20 Get the most out of your $(investment)‏ Do your best in each class: –not to fall asleep –not to zone out –not to fall prey to “I’ll learn this later on my own” –to focus your brain on detail

21 Our Daily Reminder You’re paying me to be here This material cannot be learned in one night, or even in one week. This is your opportunity to learn the material –as Math Majors, you’ll have many opportunities to use it. $$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$

22 Homework 0, due Mo Feb 2nd Send me (moira at with your name, mathematical and computer background, hopes and fears about this course and an explanation of what are you planning to do with your major. Please include any other information about yourself that you think it could be useful for me. Finally, include an acknowledgment of the academic dishonesty policy in this course (you can find it in the syllabus, in the webpage of this course). Future homeworks will be graded only if I received this message.

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