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Origins of English Literature Roman Era to 1509

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1 Origins of English Literature Roman Era to 1509
Dr. William J. Burling

2 Native Celtic cultures
Celtic, Druid tribes Isolated from the continent Unorganized tribal culture Stonehenge

3 Early Periods of Development
Roman occupation ends ca. 410 CE Series of invasions by Germanic tribes begins—Anglos and Saxons, ca. 450 Vikings arrive in 865, establish the Danelaw (northern and eastern England) Unification of southern England (Wessex) under rule of Alfred the Great, Danish invasion in 981 establishes new line of kings

4 Roman influence, 43-410 CE Founding of Londinium, 43 CE
Infrastructure, especially roads, links tribes Influence of Roman law, art, and architecture Importance of York Bath

5 Hadrian’s Wall Roman defense against the Scots, 130 CE

6 Germanic expansion

7 Germanic expansion Angle and Saxon invasions, ca. 450-550
Extensive linguistic influence

8 Norman period, 1066—1490s Norman invasion in 1066, led by William the Conqueror Influence of French language Centralization of feudal government and church results in a court culture

9 William I ( )

10 Tower of London

11 Norman-era York, 13th century

12 Detail of Norman-era York
Clifford’s Tower 13th century

13 York today

14 Significant literary milestones
Beowulf Canterbury Tales Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Everyman Second Shepherd’s Play Morte D’Arthur

15 Beowulf Oldest of the long poems in English
Composed sometime between 8th and 12th centuries Grendel

16 Beowulf Grendel’s mother

17 Beowulf manuscript at the British Library

18 Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer

19 Canterbury Cathedral

20 Beckett shrine Thomas Beckett Opposed the will of Henry II
Murdered in the cathedral (1170)

21 Mystery plays Often presented in “cycles”
York, Chester, N-Town, Towneley

22 Morality plays The Castle of Perseverance Single play performed

23 War of the Roses, Warwick Castle

24 Transition to the Tudor era
Henry VII ( ) Defeated Richard III in 1485 at Bosworth to end the War of the Roses United the houses of Lancaster and York First Tudor monarch

25 Introduction of the Printing Press William Caxton, 1476

26 Ben Franklin’s Press (1725)

27 A New Era Begins Henry VIII

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