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Geoff Payne ARROW Project Manager 1 April 2004. Genesis Monash University information management perspective Desire to integrate initiatives such as electronic.

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1 Geoff Payne ARROW Project Manager 1 April 2004

2 Genesis Monash University information management perspective Desire to integrate initiatives such as electronic press, e-print repository and e-theses Anticipating incremental inclusion of future developments, such as learning objects, research resources Informed by digital library initiatives internationally Philosophical view extended to national framework

3 ARROW Partners Management Partners Monash University (lead institution) University of New South Wales Swinburne University of Technology National Library of Australia Associate Partners (informed) Activity Partners (Deployment)

4 Purpose Identification, testing and development of software solution/s for integrated institutional digital repositories of research materials and outputs Federated national resource discovery services (NLA) Digital objects repository at NLA DEST research directory Other uses possible later

5 Business drivers Increasing the impact of institutional and Australian research Showcasing institutional and Australian research Providing alternatives to current scholarly publishing outlets (longer term objective)

6 Organisation Management Committee comprising representatives from all four institutions Project Manager Monash (Library and ITS) will lead and supervise the project, drawing on skills from all partners and others

7 Deliverables Software platforms and storage solutions at four sites Representative clusters of content Documentation Availability of repositories for metadata harvesting (including to ADT) Assisting other institutions with repositories

8 ARROW model

9 ARROW stages Demonstration (2004) Developing architecture, selecting, testing and developing software Deployment (late 2004 – end 2005) Populating the ARROW Partners’ repositories Distribution (mid 2005 – end 2006) Enabling others to participate

10 ARROW activities Project management (2004-2006) Overall management Communication/liaison Managing expectations Preparation for each stage and project exit Ongoing assessment (2004-2006) Technical, cultural, economic and management Reporting on each stage Liaison with other demonstrator projects (2004- 2006)

11 Activities – cont. Common digital repository infrastructure (2004) Open standards based services architecture (the ARROW architecture) Specify, source, install and develop software Interoperability within and between institutions 4 ARROW compliant repositories Documentation of installation and metadata standards

12 Activities – cont. Incorporating theses and extending capacity of ADT Programme (2004) Manage theses metadata and submission of digital theses Software no less functional than present ADT offering Incorporating OAI-PMH compliance Data capture from multiple sources Efficient harvesting Interaction with other metadata services

13 Activities – cont. Creating the e-prints module (2004) Module to submit and manage e-prints No less functionality than software Improved management of self-submission and administrative functions

14 Activities – cont. Creating the independent scholars’ repository (2004) Installed at NLA for people not affiliated with a university Same software as for e-prints module Management of content submission from independent scholars Other possible uses later (research resources including images, databases)

15 Activities – cont. Implementing the electronic press module (2004) Create or integrate a module to manage an electronic press (journals, conference papers, monographs – selected, not self-submission) [Monash e-press will proceed as a separate development in order to meet its own internal timelines, with a view to partial or full convergence into ARROW a later stage]

16 Activities – cont. Creating the research directory module (2004) Utilising annual DEST returns to systematically build repository and showcase institutional output Web-based database linked into repository and to library resources Automatic permissions process Communicating about copyright to authors Driving cultural change

17 Activities – cont. Implementing cross-repository resource discovery mechanisms (2004-2005) Automated harvesting and re-purposing metadata Applying international standards and specifications Supported by descriptive metadata (DRM, persistent identification, archiving) Searching through range of discovery tools (1. NLA; 2., web search engines) Web branded interfaces, exposed external discovery services, alerting services

18 Activities – cont. Populating robust repositories (2005-2006) Robust and scalable architecture Effective submission processes Range of content from research areas Advocacy campaign aimed at local researchers (and independent scholars) Linked to research directories

19 Activities – cont. Provision of repository services to other institutions (2006) Hosting repositories of non-consortial members (if practical) Assisting other institutions to establish ARROW solutions Documentation and tools Active support and training

20 Progress to date Contract with DEST finalised Project manager appointed Committee reviewed scope/activities 2003 study tour (UK and USA) advanced understanding established contacts (JISC; DSpace; FEDORA; Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London)

21 Progress to Date (Cont.) Content and Technology activity streams established ARROW Content Committee Establish cultural change strategies Establish content capture strategies Execute content capture strategies Establish assisted content submission services

22 Progress to Date (Cont.) ARROW Technology Committee Develop requirements Evaluate solutions Specify developments

23 Progress to Date (Cont.) ARROW Identity under development Logo Stationery Web site

24 Progress to Date (Cont.) Close working relationship with the ADT Project ARROW Project manager member of the ADT Technical Committee AFT Technical Committee represented on the ARROW Technical Committee Metadata specifications need to be common to both projects to ensure interoperability

25 Further information Details of the ARROW project can be found at: (Site under construction)

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