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Communications & Marketing at London’s Global University.

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1 Communications & Marketing at London’s Global University

2 Communications & Marketing Mission To maintain & develop the reputation & profile of London’s Global University as a world-leading organisation and as an aspirational choice as a study destination Objectives: –to communicate UCL’s corporate vision and strategic direction to key internal and external audiences –to increase UCL’s positive public profile as a world-leading university –to increase the number and quality of applicants to UCL degree programmes

3 Why reputation matters Influences our ability to attract and retain the best staff Directly contributes to our ability to recruit the best students – particularly internationally Reputation affects funding decisions – to support research, teaching and institutional development It influences our ability to engage with the best collaborations, partnerships, knowledge transfer activity, and public engagement

4 AUDIENCES Identify and understand key audiences MESSAGE Target messages to specific audiences CHANNELS Use appropriate vehicles to maximise influencing opportunities CORPORATE STRATEGY Plan communications & marketing activities to support institutional objectives Embedding A Strategic Approach

5 Corporate Strategy Communications & Marketing supports institutional priorities: –White Paper –Research strategy –Teaching and Learning strategy –International strategy –Enterprise strategy –Partnerships (including Crick Institute, UCL Partners) –Estates strategy, Fundraising, Public engagement CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

6 Corporate Strategy Communications & Marketing supports academic faculties and departments: –developing a co-ordinated approach across the institution, with Faculty Comms Managers and through the UCL Communications Network –developing tailored international recruitment plans –development of effective student recruitment marketing materials –developing effective communications strategies CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

7 Audiences Understanding our audiences and their needs –Market research –Mapping across UCL Key priority groups –STUDENTS: prospective (+ influencers), current, alumni –STAFF: current & prospective –OPINION FORMERS / FUNDERS: HE sector; Government; Business, International, London CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

8 Messages Scale / diversity is a challenge and an opportunity Consistent top level messaging for key audiences Themes –Excellence – breakthroughs, citations, league tables –Global initiatives –London / Community –Innovation in teaching –Graduate employability / Global Citizens –Interdisciplinarity / Grand challenges –Enterprise CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

9 Channels Face to face –recruitment –Events – public & networking Online / multimedia –audience focused, innovation – audio visual, social media Publications – targeted, branded Media – –reputation management /reactive –planning, prioritising, expert comment CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

10 Planning & Delivery UCL Communications network Communications grid – planning, sequencing Key message framework Corporate Identity guidelines & styleguide Evaluation/ monitoring – communications scorecard Success measures –Key metrics across range of channels –Stakeholder perception research

11 Media Reputation management as well as proactive communications Planning & prioritisation Relationship building – internally & externally Targeting key media - & understanding social media Supporting fundraising: –focus on the story –people & outcomes, not just money Evaluation/ monitoring

12 Branding your brand = your reputation your brand = what people say about you your corporate identity = a visual shorthand for everything you do Maintaining A STRONG CONSISTENT brand reinforces institutional strengths Be RECOGNISED AND DIFFERENTIATED in a competitive market Harnessing the strengths of ONE INSITUTION for our wide range of audiences

13 Branding – delivery Institutional buy-in to strategic approach Clarity on boundaries, sub-brands & partnerships Corporate identity guidelines: –COLOUR, TYPEFACE, IMAGERY –GRAPHIC ELEMENTS, TONE OF VOICE –LOGO / banner device Using networks for implementation –Web –Design/ print –Legal / business Review and refresh

14 Getting started Agree clear, achievable targets with the institution's leadership aligned with strategic goals Identify key audiences, understand their communications needs Develop high level key messages Assess the most effective channels Identify priority media targets and nurture those relationships Establish a planning structure for identifying stories Develop effective evaluation of activity Build teams incrementally on the basis of evidence of positive outcomes CORPORATE STRATEGY AUDIENCESMESSAGE CHANNELS

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