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EuropeAid 1 The Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid 13 December 2011, Brussels Luc BAGUR Head of Unit DEVCO/02.

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1 EuropeAid 1 The Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid 13 December 2011, Brussels Luc BAGUR Head of Unit DEVCO/02

2 EuropeAid 222 Reconciling policy design & policy implementation: cross fertilisation, reality check of policies, policy check of implementation Creating a centre of excellence in designing & delivering development cooperation policies (to transform AIDCO thematic units into centres of expertise for sectoral policy & policy coherence) “Who do I call in Brussels on development issues?” Being one single entry point for EU development policies inside & outside the EU Reasons of the merger

3 EuropeAid 333 Simplifying communication with Delegations Being one single interlocutor for the EEAS, & all line DGs: important for Policy coherence for Development & cohesion of external action Freeing a significant number of staff through elimination of duplications: use them to address policy & implementation shortfalls (e.g. to strengthen the European Neighbourhood Policy) Reasons of the merger

4 EuropeAid 444 A worldwide concern for development: overall & sectoral development policy covering all development countries Design EU development policies for the future decade: renewing & modernising EU development policies (“an agenda for change”), designing the next Multiannual Financial Framework The “EU as a whole” dimension:  Make Development part of a coherent external action  Make EU sectoral policies part of a coherent Development policy  Contribute to the global challenges agenda (e.g. climate change) What is new in EuropeAid’s mission?

5 EuropeAid 555 Advocacy & international diplomacy for development towards donors, institutions, developing & emerging countries Follow-up of Council working groups & EP committees AIPN powers for almost 3.000 staff working on development in 115 Delegations (staff in charge of the operational & financial implementation of aid in Delegations are now under the control of EuropeAid) Focal point for coordination of the 20 Commission services having staff in Delegations (& ensure sound management of these resources with the EEAS) What is new in EuropeAid’s mission?

6 EuropeAid 6 EuropeAid is responsible for formulating EU development policy & defining sectoral policies in the area of external aid with a view to reducing world poverty, ensuring sustainable development & promoting democracy, peace & security EuropeAid is responsible, alone or together with the EEAS, for multi-annual programming of the external aid instruments that come under its remit EuropeAid implements the EU's external aid instruments financed from the European budget & the European Development Fund, ensuring the high quality & impact of the aid, the rapid implementation of projects & the visibility of European aid Overall mission statement

7 EuropeAid 7 Work division Programming Evaluation ImplementationFormulation Identification Financing EEAS and EuropeAid EuropeAid & Delegations EuropeAid EuropeAid & Delegations

8 EuropeAid 8 Geographical coverage

9 EuropeAid 9 Performance Budget & EDF payments EDF Budget : Planned : Performed

10 EuropeAid 10 Geographical distribution of funds (2010) Without Thematic Programmes ACP including South Africa, Bananas and Sugar

11 EuropeAid 11 Horizontal programme (2010) * Thematic programmes include: non-state actors & local authorities, investing in people, gender, environment, migration, and food security.

12 EuropeAid 12

13 EuropeAid 13 Directorate A – EU Development Policy Directorate A is in charge of providing analysis & of policy formulation on development issues, including general orientations, economic analysis and budget support, policy coherence for development, aid effectiveness, financing for development, fragility & crisis management 5 Units: - Policy Formulation - Economic Analysis, Public Finance, Budget Support - Coherence of EU Policies for Development, EU Aid Effectiveness - International Development Dialogue - Fragility and Crisis Management

14 EuropeAid 14 Directorate B –Quality and Impact Directorate B objective is to contribute to the quality & impact of EU development cooperation & to its understanding and visibility, including through the coordination of the inter- institutional relations in the area of EU development policy 4 Units: - Quality of Delivery Systems - Evaluation - Inter-institutional Relations - Communication and Transparency

15 EuropeAid 15 Two Thematic Directorates Directorate C (Sustainable Growth & Development) & Directorate D (Human & Society Development) are responsible for: (i) formulating sectoral policies; (ii) managing thematic programmes (including multiannual programming); (iii) establishing guidance for Geographic Directorates 13 units: - Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition - Climate Change, Environment, Natural Resources, Water - Financial Instruments - Private Sector Development, Trade, Regional Integration - Energy - Infrastructures, Networks - Governance, Democracy, Gender, Human Rights - Civil Society, Local Authorities - Employment, Social Inclusion, Migration - Education, Health, Research, Culture - Instrument for Stability, Nuclear Safety And two ‘Finance, Contracts, Audit’ Units

16 EuropeAid 16 Directorate E (Sub-Saharan Africa & Horizontal ACP Matters), Directorate F (Neighbourhood), Directorate G (Latin America & Caribbean) & Directorate H (Asia, Central Asia & Pacific) are responsible for implementing geographic programmes 18 units: - 6 Geographical Coordination Units - 5 Units in charge of centralised prorammes - 4 ‘Finance, Contracts, Audit’ Units And - Planning ACP and Horizontal Coordination - Africa-EU Partnership and African Peace Facility - Task Force "Overseas Countries and Territories" Four Geographic Directorates

17 EuropeAid 17 Support Units Directorate R - Resources in Headquarters and in Delegations: Planning and Budget; Audit and Control; Legal Affairs; Human Resources Headquarters; Human Resources Delegations; Information Technology and Infrastructure; Training, Knowledge Management, Internal Communication, Documentation Internal Audit Capability General Coordination Taskforce for an enhanced dialogue with International Organisations

18 EuropeAid 18 The merger results in efficiency gains in Human Resources In total: staff in Headquarters counts almost 1.300, in Delegations 3000 In Headquarters:  38% of staff works on policy & thematic issues  41% on programming & implementation of aid  21% have supportive & administrative functions Human resources in EuropeAid

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