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Parents Supporting Parents The Canadian Mothers’ Union May 2015.

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1 Parents Supporting Parents The Canadian Mothers’ Union May 2015

2 Parents Supporting Parents Parenting lies at the heart of Mothers’ Union Vision  To encourage parents in their role as parents  To increase the stability of family life

3 Mission Mission To equip communities to:  extend their parenting skills  build relationships  contribute to the stability of family life in society

4 Objectives  Establish community support networks  Empower parents to respond to the growth and development of their children  Support families and communities

5 What is “Parents Supporting Parents”?  A program that assists parents in developing and fostering strong relationships with their children  It is an informal support group for parents

6 Parents Supporting Parents…  It is not a parenting course  Parents discuss parenting issues with each other  What works and what is challenging

7 Parents Supporting Parents… Provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to:  get together in a supportive environment  talk about the joys and challenges of bringing up their children  make new friends, share ideas and have some fun.

8 How Will Parents Benefit?  Increased confidence in parenting  Will be better equipped to foster long-lasting, fulfilling relationships in the home  Hopefully will build strong and supportive families

9 About This Course  This course is NOT about “10 easy ways to be a perfect parent”  Parenting doesn‘t always come naturally  We learn as we go along  Parents don’t have formal training

10 Parenting  We tend to ‘parent’ the way we were ‘parented’  We ALL struggle with our children at times  Parenting is about STICKING WITH IT through good times and bad

11 What Parents Learn  Being a “good enough” parent is OK  We share similar experiences  Each child is different and unique  How we can meet some of our children’s emotional needs  To identify with each other

12 A Word About the Course…  Parents recognize the good and positive things they are doing  They consider any changes they may want to make  The ideas discussed are applicable to any family situation

13 Facilitators Facilitators:  Assist in making things run smoothly  Help parents find their own answers

14 Facilitators… Facilitators   have attended a rigorous training program by the Mothers’ Union Chief Trainer   are volunteers trained to help participants get the most out of the discussions

15 Some Session Topics…   Building relationships   Effective communication   Building trust and confidence   Developing self-esteem   Setting boundaries at home   Active listening

16 We are called…  to support one another and empower parents to be the best they can be  this program supports parents to foster loving family relationships  love one another as He has loved us!

17 Contact Info Margaret deCarvalho Parish of French Village

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