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Engineering Design Process

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1 Engineering Design Process

2 Learning Standard 2. Engineering Design Engineering Design is an iterative process that involves modeling and optimizing to develop technical solutions to problems within given constraints Identify and explain the steps of the Engineering Design Process, i.e., identify the need or problem, research the problem, develop possible solutions, select the best possible solution(s), construct a prototype, test and evaluate, communicate the solution(s), and redesign

3 Learning Objectives Students will be able to
1) Describe & explain the Engineering Design Process 2) Understand & explain how the Engineering Design Process is used? 3) List the 8 steps of the Engineering Design Process in their correct order 4) Use the Engineering Design Process to solve a real world problem

4 What is an Engineer? A person that: Designs new technology or
Improves existing technology Using creativity & understanding of materials, tools, math & science

5 People that create technology follow a series of 8 steps called the Engineering Design Process
Uses scientific discoveries to create new technology Design: A plan Process: A set of steps that lead to a result

6 Step 1 Identify the need or the problem * What is the problem?
* What do we need?

7 Step 2 Research the need or the problem
* What is the current solution to the problem or need?

8 Step 3 Develop possible solution(s) * Brainstorm
* Make a list of your ideas

9 Step 4 Select the best possible solution(s)
* Which solution(s) best solve the original problem?

10 Step 5 Construct a prototype
* Create a drawing or model of the solution(s) that you think will best solve the problem

11 Step 6 Test & Evaluate the solution(s) * Does it work?
* How do you know?

12 Step 7 Communicate the solution(s)
* Make a presentation showing how the solution solves the problem * Discuss any tradeoffs * Discuss any negative impacts

13 Step 8 Redesign (if necessary)
* Modify solution using info from tests & presentation (if necessary)

14 Engineering Design Process
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Brainstorm & list Identify the need or problem Research the need or problem Develop possible solution(s) What is the current state of the issue and current solutions? Step 4 Which solutions best solve original problem? Step 8 Modify solution based on info from presentation & tests Select best possible solution(s) Redesign (if necessary) Does it work? How do you know? Step 7 Step 6 Step 5 Model solution in 2 or 3 dimensions Construct a prototype Test & evaluate solution(s) Communicate the solution(s) Make an engineering presentation that demonstrates how solution solves the original problem

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