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Desktop Publishing Business Technology Applications.

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1 Desktop Publishing Business Technology Applications

2 What is Desktop Publishing? The use of a personal computer, special software and a printer to produce professional –looking documents suitable for publication.

3 Newsletters You can create, print and distribute newsletters.

4 Advertisements Create a wide variety of advertisements, including flyers, signs, banners, and print ads.

5 Brochures and booklets Create brochures describing a product or service. You can make booklets on any topic imaginable. –What is a tri-fold brochure?

6 Manuals Most how-to manuals are desktop published. The manual may include steps, technical information, tables, and other elements.

7 Business Forms Create professional business forms. You can make invoices or even your own business cards.

8 Personal stationery Design your own stationery. Having a party? You can desktop publish an invitation. You can also create postcards and greeting cards.

9 Other Uses of Desktop Publishing Calendars Flyers Banners and Signs

10 Types of Programs Microsoft Publisher Print Shop Pro Publisher Adobe PageMaker

11 Differences between a typeface, font, style and point Typeface – the letter style Font – entire set of characters of a particular typeface –Times New Roman –Courier –Bookman Old Style –Wingdings –Arial

12 Differences between a typeface, font, style and point Point – size of letters –72 points=1 inch –The larger the number, the larger the letter Style refers to the enhancement –Bold –Italics –Underline

13 Desktop Publishing Tools Computer Printer – must be able to print graphics, laser is best Monitor Additional input devices –Scanner –Mouse

14 Orientation Landscape Portrait

15 Places you’ll find desktop publishing Small Businesses Publishing Fields – publishers, editors, writers, advertising agencies, journalists, etc. Schools – school newsletter

16 Features and Benefits of Desktop Publishing Programs More economical Greater text control More text formatting options Better graphics placement Better output Automatic references Style consistency

17 Understanding The Program Tools Menu bar and formatting toolbar Object toolbar – text frames, drawing tables, adding WordArt, inserting pictures, adding clip art, and drawing common shapes (line, oval, rectangle) Ruler – helps you align items in your layout Guides Wizard help Status Bar

18 Assignment Create a flyer for your before prom photo shoot –Need info, when, where, what to bring –Need at least one graphic –Must take up the whole page so organize accordingly –Add any borders or colors of your choosing

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