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dance swim sing paint speak English play chess.

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3 dance

4 swim

5 sing

6 paint

7 speak English

8 play chess

9 Play the guitar

10 guitar drum Piano chess basketball volleyball play the play

11 What can these people do? Match the words with the People. _a__ 2.swim __ 3. sing ___ chess ___ 5. paint ___ 6.speak English ____ the guitar ___ e f b d c g

12 paint dance swim

13 Listen and number the conversations [1-3] A: Can you swim ? B: No, I can’t. A: I want to join the art club. B: Can you paint ? A: Yes, I can. A: I want to join the music club. B: Oh, can you sing ? A: Yes, I can. 1 2 3

14 Activity 1. 1. Can you play the guitar?( 否定回答 ) _.____ 2. Can Mary sing? ( 肯定回答 ) _,____ 3. _______________ ( 他们能打篮球吗? ) Yes, they can. 4. Can he paint?( 肯定和否定回答 ) _,___ 5. I ___ ___ join the English club.( 想 ) 6. She wants to ___the music club.( 加入 ) No I can’t Yes She can Can they play basketball? Yes he can No he can’t want to join

15 Activity 2. 1. -Can you swim? -No, I__ A. can B. can’t C. don’t 2. -What club __you want __? _The chess club. A. can; join B. do; to join C. do; join 3.Can they __ the guitar? A. to play B. plays C. play 4. Can Alice __Chinese well? A. speak B. Tell C. talk 5. -It’s a guitar. Do you want a go? -____ A. Yes, I can B. No, thanks C. Oh, it’s easy 6. I can play __ chess but I can’t play _ guitar. A. the, a B. /, the C. /, / D. a, the 7. She cannot dance__ sing? A : but B: or C: and B B C A B B B

16  Copy the words  Copy the conversation and make a new one

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