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BIOTECHNOLOGY Environmentally Concerned Consumer.

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1 BIOTECHNOLOGY Environmentally Concerned Consumer

2 WAYS IN WHICH GE CAN IMPROVE YOUR LIFE It could help expecting couples learn the health of developing fetuses. It can help provide more food to feed a larger amount of people. Helps preserve land because it doesn’t have to be used to grow crops.

3 SOME CONCERNS CONSUMERS MIGHT HAVE May pose health threats  Allergic reactions  Antibiotic resistance  Toxicity More that two dozen genes form humans have already been engineered into various animals. If we can eat them can we call it cannibalism? There are also suffering genetically altered animals. One GE pig was unable to walk or stand.

4 HOW CAN GENETIC ENGINERING BE USED TO HELP THE ENVIROMENT Treat human and domestic waste to maintain a healthy environment. Treat industrial waste to reduce pollution. Turn industrial and human waste into useful fuels. Remove harmful chemical residues and accidental spills.

5 HOW CLONING CAN BE USEFUL Cloning of animal organs can be transplanted into humans to replace damaged organs. Cloning of gametes can be useful because you can take the stem cell of the gamete and transplant it into a human to replace their damaged stem cell.

6 SAFE GUARDS Buy certified organic foods whenever possible. Supports movements requiring long-term independent safety testing. Labeling of genetically engineered foods.

7 VOCABULARY Clone- an organism, cell, or cell product which is genetically identical to the individual or unit from which it was conceived Cloning- the procedure in which you make a clone Xenotransplantation- the transfer of animal tissues or organs into human beings Bioremediation- adding bacteria and other organisms that consume or neutralize contaminants in the soil


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