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+ Week 4.5 Monday, FUNDAY!!!!! May 7 th, 2012 DO YOUR WORK DAY!

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1 + Week 4.5 Monday, FUNDAY!!!!! May 7 th, 2012 DO YOUR WORK DAY!

2 + Objective: To analyze the theme of A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes by answering 8 questions that identify the impact of figurative language & connotation and denotation. DO NOW # 1: Check your English grade online. AGENDA DO NOW & Writing Prompt (20 mins) Whole/INDEPENDENT: Make-up Work/ Resubmit (35 mins) COLLABORATIVE: Research Harlem Renaissance (30 min) DIRECT: Def Poetry and A Dream Deferred (30 min) CLOSING: Turn in all work.

3 + Journal Writing Prompt (15 min) Hey Ms. Vance, This is your English Grade. I’m looking pretty fine these days. You remember that Personal Narrative you turned in? It was fresh. You should complete all your work that way… it was complete, formatted to MLA and emailed. It was SALTY really. And you know how you turned in all 6 journals last quarter? You must do that again. Love Always, English Grade What would your English grade say if it could talk? 2 – 2.5 paragraphs (12+ sentences) KEEP WRITING EVEN IF YOU PASS THIS GOAL. Utilize Grade Check Speak to Missing Assignments or NPing grades.

4 + Announcements Advisory: No computers after the 2 nd Advisory Bell GRADE CUTOFF No late work may be turned in after FRIDAY, May 11th All: Doors will be locked after the 1 st bell of every period. Go get a tardy pass.

5 + Def Poetry: Modern Poetry “Black American” by Smokey Robinson v=iIkNsj6cDGc&feature=related The American Dream KWL CHART What do Americans dream of in this country? #1: Fill out the KNOW & WANT columns. “Brown Dreams” by Paul Flores v=hhttoJwALoA #2: Fill out LEARNED.

6 + A Dream Deferred What does the term deferred mean? To postpone, or put off = to ignore. As you read, annotate your text. Underline words Draw pictures Make connections to real life By Langston Hughes

7 + Announcements: Friday (the #11 th ) is the last day to turn in late work. Thursday/Friday your Brochure outline is DUE. What’s due today?

8 + Poetry Unit Overview Over the next two weeks you will be assessed on the following things: Harlem Renaissance Brochure Outline Harlem Renaissance Group Brochure FINAL DRAFT (digital) Reciting your Harlem Renaissance poem Poem #1 Poem #2 Poem #3 Revised Poem of Choice Reflection PORTFOLIO

9 + Wednesday OBJECTIVE: To create 5-6 examples of Figurative Language given the Poem #1 Worksheet. Agenda: (10 min) Do Now: Journal (10 min) Mini-Lesson: Creating Figurative Language (25 min) Poetry Workshop: POEM #1 May 9 th, 2012

10 + Do Now (10 min) Chose one of the topics: #1: Do you think the American dream is a reality? Does everyone who works hard able to achieve what they dream about? OR #2: What are your struggle in life? What is it that you have to overcome daily and how do you overcome that struggle? In the Journal section of your notebook

11 + Creating Figurative Language What is figurative language? Language that uses comparisons to describe something. Simile: comparison to use “LIKE” or “AS” EX: He is as cold as ice. Metaphor: comparison that DOES NOT use “like” or “as” EX: She is a lion, proud and firm. Personification: giving human qualities to an animal or object EX: My teddy bear gave me a hug. Hyperbole: dramatic exaggerations EX: I am so hungry, I could eat a cow.

12 + What I am trying to describe? What are its characteristics? What else shares the same characteristics? How do I create my own Figurative Language? Creating Figurative Language Struggle? Characteristics?Object? VIOLENCERuins anything in sightTORNADO The violence is LIKE a tornado, ruining anything in sight. Violence is a tornado, destroying anything in its path.

13 + POEM #1: American Dream or Struggle 11 – 12 Lines 5 – 6 examples of Figurative Language Addresses either the American Dream or Struggle Rubric

14 + Choice #1: American Dream Poem Write a poem that describes the American Dream. Use Figurative Language to demonstrate the way you feel about it and if it is a possibility for you: Your race Your community Your age Your gender Etc. “I am the American Dream. I am the epitome of what the American Dream said: “you could come from anywhere and be anything you want in this country. That’s exactly what I’ve done.”

15 + Choice #2: Struggles Poem Write a poem that describes the struggles you face in life and how you overcome those struggles by using Figurative Language. “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

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