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Intern Management System

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1 Intern Management System

2 Modules Record of Teacher Internship Year (RTIY)
Create committee meeting reports Sign-off on committee meeting reports Resource Teacher Timesheet View and approve or deny timesheet

3 Principal Main Page If you have more than one intern, a list of interns will be displayed Select an intern Once an intern is selected, you will see a status report for that internship View the status of the Resource Teacher’s timesheet. If the status is “Awaiting Principal Acceptance,” click on the link to review the timesheet and either sign-off or send the timesheet back to the resource teacher. View the status of the RTIY Reports. Determine if any reports are awaiting a sign-off Create cycle reports


5 RTIY – Cycle Reports Dates Observation Scores
Each cycle report asks for the date of the committee meeting and most ask for the observation dates for that cycle Enter dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format Observation Scores Where requested, enter the scores from each observer for each standard The scores entered on the Cycle III report will determine if the final report indicates a successful or unsuccessful internship Strengths and Priority Areas Cycles I, II and III have text boxes where you can enter text to identify this information Generate Report Once all data has been entered for a report, click the “Generate Report” button to create the report




9 RTIY – View & Sign-off Once a report is generated, you will be able to view it by clicking on the view link. This will open the report in a new window which will require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your machine. To sign-off, enter your full name, username and password; click the “Accept” checkbox and then the “Sign-off” button. This will store your sign-off and load the page for the remaining signatures. If you are not ready to sign-off, simply return to the main page or logout and you can view and sign-off on the report at a later time. Each intern, resource teacher and teacher educator should complete the sign-off process individually by selecting his or her role and repeating the sign-off steps.

10 RTT – Review & Sign-off Review timesheet
This link will open the timesheet in a new window for your review. It will require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your machine. Acceptance To sign-off on the timesheet and send it to the district coordinator, enter your full name, username and password in the boxes provided; check the accept checkbox; and hit the sign-off button. To send the timesheet back to the resource teacher for edits, click the “Send Back to Resource Teacher” button.

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