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OV-1.1 CSE2102 CSE2102 Intro to Software Engineering Prof. Steven A. Demurjian, Sr. Director, CS&E Graduate Program Computer Science & Engineering Department.

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1 OV-1.1 CSE2102 CSE2102 Intro to Software Engineering Prof. Steven A. Demurjian, Sr. Director, CS&E Graduate Program Computer Science & Engineering Department Co-Director, Research Informatics, Biomedical Informatics Division, CICATS The University of Connecticut 371 Fairfield Way, Unit 4155 Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4155 (860) 486-4818; fax (860) 486-4817

2 OV-1.2 CSE2102 Course Goals 1. To Provide an Indepth Exposure to Software Engineering Concepts - Emphasizing The Object- oriented Approach 2. Knowledge of and Training in the Methods and Techniques that are the Basis for the Design and Development of Large-scale Software Systems 3. Stress Problem Solving and Design as the Key, Important, and Critical Skills in Software Engineering 4. De-emphasize Programming Language Syntax and Semantics 5. New Skills (Android/Mobile) – both New Code and Evolving Existing Code

3 OV-1.3 CSE2102 Course Philosophy  Software Engineering is Not an Isolated Activity!  Successful Software Engineering Must:  Involve group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise all geared towards a common goal  Be interdisciplinary, with respect to computer science and engineering and the intended application domain  Embody concrete theory and engineering methods that promote accurate and precise specification, design, development, testing, integration, maintenance, evolution, etc.

4 OV-1.4 CSE2102 Course Philosophy  Knowledge Acquisition in Software Engineering Requires:  Continuous exposure to new techniques, methods, and tools  Investigation of different and varied software engineering approaches for problem solving and design  Practice that applies techniques to ``real world'' - this often requires an indepth knowledge of application domain (typically not CSE!)  Computer Science and Engineering is an Evolving Discipline  Professional Responsibility to Maintain Currency

5 OV-1.5 CSE2102 Textbooks and Class Materials  UConn COOP has One Required Text …  Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Ghezzi, Jazayeri, Mandrioli, Prentice-Hall, 2 nd edition (2002)  Plus additional Web Page materials  CSE2102 Web Site at … 

6 OV-1.6 CSE2102 Weekly Topic Coverage  2 Introduction to SWE Ch 1,2,3  2 Software Design/Archit. Ch 4, web site  1 Object-Oriented Design web site  2 UML web site  1.5 Specifications Ch 5  0.5 Writing Specifications web site  1 Verification and Testing Ch 6  1 Software Process Ch 7  1 Software Management Ch 8  1 Software Tools Ch 9  1 Software Security web site  1 Midterm Exam + Final Exam Weeks Topic Chapters

7 OV-1.7 CSE2102 Course Projects and Exams Must Pass Both Projects And Exams to PASS!!!  Projects - Individual and Team (40-50% of Grade)  Combination of Individual and 2 Person Teams  Design Emphasis Eclipse/UML Designer  Exams (40-50% of Grade)  Likely One Midterm Exam and One Final  Closed Book and Closed Notes  Homeworks (0-20%)  Throughout the Semester - In Class also  If no credit, Up to 2 Bonus Pts. Per Handed in Assignment  May be Subsumed as Design on Projects  Note: All Subject to Change

8 OV-1.8 CSE2102 Course Projects - Development  Project Possibilities:  Personal Health Application – Mobile  Android (Java) and Titanium (Javascript) Versions  Integration to Microsoft Healthvault Available  Integration to OpenEMR  Mobile Based Application with Interactions to Data Sources (Healthvault and OpenEMR)  Installation of OpenEMR  Development of New and Modification of Existing Code  Emphasis on Design Throughout and Using UML and Many of its Diagrams  Use-Case, Class, Sequence, Activity, State Diagrams  Usage of Healthcare Application as Domain for Exam

9 OV-1.9 CSE2102 Course Projects - Design  Design Platform - UML - Varied Diagrams  Use-Case, Activity, State-Chart, Sequence, Class  Use UML Plug in for Eclipse  Project Possibilities:  Two Code Bases  Andriod Java Based via Eclipse (1 st Half of Semester)  Javascript Based via Titanium (2 nd Half of Semester)  Project 1: Installing and Testing Software Platforms: Android SDK, PHA, OpenEMR, etc.  Project 2, Initial Design – UML Design  Project 2, Final Code – Implementation of Class Library

10 OV-1.10 CSE2102Cheating/Collaboration  Not Tolerated in Any Form!!!  Severe Penalties are Likely!!!  See Univ. of Connecticut Student Conduct Code  F in Course if Copy another Student’s work  Split Grade Among Collaborators  Drop Final Letter Grade  All Homeworks/Some Projects Represent Individual Effort!  Remaining Projects Represent Team Effort  Cooperative Problem Solving and Sharing Code is NOT Permitted and Will Likely Lead to Fs!  Electronic Information is More Accessible!  Protect your Files!

11 OV-1.11 CSE2102 Lateness Policies/Exams  Late Assignments (Projects) will Not be Accepted Except with Prior Permission or Emergencies  Prior Permission: Contact the Instructor Three Days Before the Due Date  Emergencies: Illness, Death in the Family, etc.  Contact  S. Demurjian at ITE265, x6-4818, by, or via the CSE Office, ITE250, x6-3719  A Late Assignment is Recorded as a Zero Grade  Assignment Due Date Means Start of Class!!!  Makeup on Absent Exam at Instructor’s Discretion

12 OV-1.12 CSE2102 Class Attendance and Computing  Attendance in Class is …  Responsibility of each Student  May Result in Missing Hint/Clarification/Error on Class Project  Change in Due Date or Exam Date  I Won’t Guarantee that All Information Makes it to Web or to Class by Email!  Computing for Class is …  Predominately PCs - ITE Concourse Level or Engineering Learning Center (ITE 1st floor)  Take Files with You!  Your Responsibility to Protect Your Files

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