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17 June 2009 Page 1School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka School Disaster Safety in Sri Lanka.

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1 17 June 2009 Page 1School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka School Disaster Safety in Sri Lanka

2 17 June 2009 Page 2School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka Reasons Disasters affect Sri Lanka Children are vulnerable They can learn how to protect themselves Objectives to provide protection to students and school communities to reduce disaster risk through transfer of knowledge and skills to children and youth to develop a culture of safety, prevention and preparedness

3 17 June 2009 Page 3School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka School Safety initiatives in Sri Lanka School Security programme (Kumara Pawura) by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense on man made disasters Emergency Education (INEE) by UNICEF to ensure education for children affected by emergencies Mine Risk Education by UNICEF Integration of DM into the national teacher training and school curricula, production of didactic material by GTZ School Disaster Safety by GTZ: Facilitation of the development of National Guidelines with the Ministry of Education and the Disaster Management Centre, in cooperation with ADPC

4 17 June 2009 Page 4School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka Developement of National Guidelines on School Disaster Safety Steering Group: Ministry of Education, Nat. Institute of Education, Disaster Management Centre Stakeholder group: UNDP, UNICEF, GTZ, ADPC, Save the Children, Red Cross

5 17 June 2009 Page 5School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka Contents of the Guidelines 7 steps: 1. Establish the school safety core team 2. Create awareness among the school community 3. Identify hazards and resources in the school 4. Establish and train school disaster safety team 5. Prepare the school safety plan document 6. Disseminate the plan and conduct mock drills 7. Evaluate and update the plan

6 17 June 2009 Page 6School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka School Disaster Safety team School Disaster Safety Core Team Search & Rescue Team Site security Team Early warning Team First Aid Team Mock Drill & Evacuation Team

7 17 June 2009 Page 7School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka To ensure the safety of students and school staff, everyone has to know how to evacuate the school and how to face emergencies.

8 17 June 2009 Page 8School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka Implementation strategy of the Guidelines Creation of steering and stakeholder groups Development of joint implementation strategy and plan by MoE, NIE, DMC and stakeholders Selection of most vulnerable schools for pilot phase 2009 Awareness creation at provincial level by MoE and DMC Implementation at district level by education offices and DMC district coordinators with support of stakeholders About 1.000 schools island wide involved Regular sharing of experiences, joint training programmes and monitoring

9 17 June 2009 Page 9School Disaster Safety - Sri Lanka Thank you for your attention!

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