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Introduction to Migration

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1 Introduction to Migration

2 Causes of Migration Economic Causes (push/pull factors)
Political Causes (push factors) Social Causes (pull factors)

3 Economic Migration (resource-driven; push/pull)
Migration in search of better economic conditions, employment, etc. Migration to escape overpopulation and its effects Migration to escape poor climate conditions such as drought, el Niño, etc. Migration to escape natural disasters

4 Political Migration (push factors)
Migration to escape war, invasion, military takeover, etc. Migration to escape persecution on ethnic, political, religious or other grounds Migration to escape prosecution for crimes committed

5 Political Migration (2) (push factors)
Migration as punishment for crimes committed Migration as a result of enslavement Forced migration, with or without political agreement

6 Social Migration (Pull factors)
Migration to spread a religion Migration to reunite with family, friends, etc. who have previously migrated Migration to spread a political philosophy, such as Marxism, democracy, etc. Migration to find personal freedom, to live a certain lifestyle, or to hold certain beliefs, not necessary as the result of persecution

7 Effects of Migration Effects on the immigrants
Effects on the host country Effects on the home country Multi-national issues

8 Effects on Immigrants Issues of identity
Issues of adaptation/assimilation Differing cultural values between generations

9 Effects on the host country
Economic impact Welfare issues Social attitudes

10 Effects on the home country
Remittances Loss of revenue Families left behind “Brain drain”

11 Multi-National Issues
“Open border” policies Immigration policies Security issues Human trafficking / slavery




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