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Financial Inclusion Partnership Presentation 19th June 2008 Financial Education.

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1 Financial Inclusion Partnership Presentation 19th June 2008 Financial Education

2 Why Financial Education? 98% of people hold at least one type of financial product 79% of people do not shop around or talk to a financial adviser before buying a product – relying on product information or non-independent advice UK financial services industry spend £1.5 billion/year on advertising

3 Why Financial Education? Receiving financial education as a child can result in people being up to £32,000 better off between the ages of 35-49 81% of people under retirement age think the state pension will be inadequate, but more than 1/3 have not made any additional provision

4 East Ayrshire Council Working in Partnership  GEMAP  Schools  F E College  Credit Unions  Community Learning & Development  A4E

5 East Ayrshire Council  Baseline Study  Measuring teachers understanding, knowledge and confidence in delivering financial education  East Ayrshire teacher’s evaluation of available resources

6 East Ayrshire Council  Training programme for teachers:  Primary  Secondary  Special needs

7 East Ayrshire Council  Customised teaching pack developed with teachers input  Ongoing support from Financial Education Officer to assist roll out of programme

8 East Ayrshire Council  Awareness raising of Credit Unions in schools  Establishing School based Credit Unions  Credit Union training for pupils

9 East Ayrshire Council  Young People and Money training delivered to youth workers from Community Learning & Development and the voluntary sector.

10 East Ayrshire Council Awareness Raising – Signposting – Referral  Multi agency community events  Money Advice Support Assistants  ‘MoneyWise’ webpage

11 Dundee City Council Focus on prevention & early intervention part of the anti-poverty strategy 3 main financial education projects –FAE Dundee: financial awareness education –Save By The Bell –Making Money Work

12 Dundee City Council FAE Dundee Managed locally by Dundee CAB Delivers workshops to –Intermediaries –Groups of service users

13 Dundee City Council FAE workshops based on the 4 Bs –Budgeting, borrowing, banking & benefits 18 months of project –774 intermediaries participated –522 service users participated

14 Dundee City Council Save By The Bell Schools based savings scheme In partnership with Discovery Credit Union Linked to Integrated Community Schools

15 Dundee City Council 12 primary schools 2 secondary schools 850 savers in financially excluded areas High level of pupil participation 2000 pupils participated in Money Week

16 Dundee City Council Making Money Work Financial Inclusion Employability Project Fairer Scotland Fund & ESF Client base - people within the employability pipeline

17 Dundee City Council Financial capability group workshops Followed by 1:1 support at 3 key stages –Before starting work, at transition and aftercare 2 year target: –3300 people participate in group workshops –1600 people access 1:1 support

18 North Ayrshire Council Financial Inclusion project in partnership with:  Community Learning and Development  Trading Standards Benefits of community development approach:  Improved partnership working  Access to relevant target groups  Direct referrals to Financial Inclusion and mainline services

19 North Ayrshire Council  Financial Education offered to all 10 secondary schools; by March 08 all but one school participating in programme for S3 pupils  A wide range of appropriate materials identified and lesson plans produced.

20 Renfrewshire Council Financial Education and awareness with vulnerable young people Partners selected on basis of client benefit and access Sessions to 1,009 young people Improved financial knowledge and confidence

21 Glasgow City Council Financial Education in Schools: Working in partnership with Learning and Teaching Scotland- funding Financial Education Development Officer The main strands of the strategy: CPD days for teachers Creating links between schools and credit unions The highlight of the work so far was ‘Money Week’ taking place in over 120 schools in autumn 2007

22 Glasgow City Council Community Based Financial Education: Five community based Financial Inclusion Advisers, providing preventative financial education to vulnerable groups. in one-to-one and group settings Working closely with existing advice agencies Remit: education, prevention, and early intervention in the ‘Four Bs’- “Budgeting, Borrowing, Banking and Benefits”

23 South Lanarkshire Council Developing Financial Capability in the Community: Primary & Secondary Schools More Choices More Chances Vulnerable young people and adults Those facing key life changes Older people Training for staff and volunteers working with the key groups

24 West Lothian Council 3Work packs produced for school pupils ‘Save with the Sterlings’ for p5/6 ‘Gr8@cash’ for S2 pupils A new pack for P7/S1 pupils ‘ DOSH’ Courses and ‘Money Minefield’ game developed Ethnic Minorities Womens’ Group established Pack for ‘Early Years’ children in development

25 Inverclyde Council 5981 FE Activity in 2007 School Money Weeks/Savings/Embedded in Curiculum Vullnerable Groups New Tenants Campaigns

26 North Lanarkshire GEMAP 9 Module Course Referral from NLC (MA/WR Services) Outcomes –158 completed –New accounts/credit union members

27 West Dunbartonshire Council A joint initiative with the “Routes 2 Learning” project within Clydebank College was jointly developed and targeted to 3 of the most deprived areas in West Dunbartonshire. Financial Inclusion funded CAB surgery will be targeted for a financial literacy course – designed by the college known as the “One Day Money Challenge”. Service Level Agreement the council’s Education and Cultural Services department to deliver a school based programme of financial education in both primary and secondary schools.

28 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar MoneyWise programme Save with the Sterlings IsleSave School Collection Point Enterprise in Education

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