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Zero Energy Housing (Energy Efficient Building Design)

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1 Zero Energy Housing (Energy Efficient Building Design)

2 Minimize Energy Comsumption Solar Energy Advanced Solar control windows High Efficiency Appliances Conserve Water Earth Sheltering Geodesic Dome Homes

3 Solar Energy Uses photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight to electricity Cells are placed on roofs of houses or on ground Use materials that store heat energy and release it at night for floors and walls Utilize windows for natural light

4 Advanced Solar Control Windows Windows are spectrally selective – Maximize visual portion of solar spectrum – Minimize infrared and ultraviolet radiation Inert gas filler (argon).

5 Low Energy Appliances Reduce Electricity required to run them – Energy Star Logo Low flow toilets to reduce water usage Turn off appliances when not in use Supposed to reduce energy costs – Idealistic for Zero-Energy Homes

6 Earth Sheltered Housing Build homes partly underground – Provides natural insulation (Earth) – Conserves natural landscape Windows on non-undergound side

7 Geodesic Dome Homes Energy Efficient, cost effective design Uninterrupted insulation Low air infiltration Slightly more difficult to cool – Better in cooler climates

8 Conserving Water Tankless Water Heaters Low Flow Toilets Re-Use bath and sink water in tiolets Size of pipes Heat recovery systems

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