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Grinspoon Institute Webinar Stewarding Your Donors October 27, 2009 David SharkenKevin Martone Mentor Technology Program Manager.

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1 Grinspoon Institute Webinar Stewarding Your Donors October 27, 2009 David SharkenKevin Martone Mentor Technology Program Manager

2 Stewarding Your Donors2 October 27, 2009 Agenda: Welcome and Introduction (Kevin) Technology Overview (GoToWebinar) (Kevin) What is Stewardship? (David) Stewardship Best Practices (David/Group Discussion) Donor Conversations (David) Feedback/Questions

3 Stewarding Your Donors3 October 27, 2009 A) Grab Tab – Click double-arrows to open/close Control Panel. Click square to toggle Viewer Window between full screen/window mode. Click mic icon to mute/unmute your audio B) Audio Pane – Select audio format. Click Audio Setup to verify Speakers & Microphone. C) Questions Pane – Attendees can submit questions and review answers. D) Type your question and click Send to submit it to the organizer.

4 Stewarding Your Donors4 October 27, 2009 Interacting with Presenters & Participants During the Session  Ask Questions  Share Your Experiences  Use the Questions Log to post questions and share comments throughout the session. After the Session  Please join the discussion on this topic in our Discussion Forums at http://forum.gijptech.org  Please find all materials from this session (including a recording of the presentation) on our Webinar page at

5 Stewarding Your Donors5 October 27, 2009 Notes on Today’s Session Why Stewardship?  All nonprofit organizations can improve their fundraising processes, especially Stewardship  Each camp can take one or many of these techniques to improve their donor relationships and fundraising results

6 Stewarding Your Donors6 October 27, 2009 What is Stewardship? Major Donor Fundraising is a straightforward, five-step process:  Plan  Prospect  Cultivate  Solicit  Steward

7 Stewarding Your Donors7 October 27, 2009 Stewardship Goal: Retain the relationship with a donor and show appreciation Not just “thank you”  Although timely, personal acknowledgements are part of stewarding donors Ongoing process  Keep donors regularly apprised of the value that their gift adds to the organization  Offer donors regular opportunities to be involved in the organization

8 Stewarding Your Donors8 October 27, 2009 Thank You! Acknowledge gift immediately  Not 3 ½ months later  Includes organizational thank you (standard letter/receipt) AND personal notes from solicitor and Executive Director or Board President Transparency  Clearly describe to the donor the value of the gift Where did my money go? What did it do?  Brief description of program impact  Annual reports Include photos, newsletters, personal letters from organizational “clients” (i.e., campers themselves).

9 Stewarding Your Donors9 October 27, 2009 Stewardship Takes the Next Step Past the Thank You  Lets the donor know how their gift has made a difference  Connects the donor’s values and the camp’s values Need to “know your donor”  Demonstrates respect for the partnership between camp and donor  Is the underpinning for the long-term relationships that lead to increased financial support and personal advocacy  Engages the donor in the life of the camp in a first-hand, ongoing way Result? Shared aspirations and long-term commitments

10 Stewarding Your Donors10 October 27, 2009 What does it take to do effective stewardship? Staff and Board involvement  Scheduling/planning stewardship actions  Implementing – do it! Good data maintenance structures/processes  Track gifts, donor interests, contact history, future schedule  See blog post about utilizing Technology to support Stewardship plan (in latest eNewsletter) Direct link:

11 Stewarding Your Donors11 October 27, 2009 What Are Stewardship Actions? Make “Thank You” phone calls and emails Make personal visits with donors  At least once per year Host donors for on-site tours Personal invitations to camp events Invite donors to appropriate social/community events Be attentive to individual donor interests It’s all about the relationship.

12 Stewarding Your Donors12 October 27, 2009  You can also find this document on the Resources page on our website

13 Stewarding Your Donors13 October 27, 2009 Best Practices/Examples - Discussion Amy Glazer, Director of Development, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires Other ideas? Questions? What are YOU doing regarding Stewardship?

14 Stewarding Your Donors14 October 27, 2009 Donor Conversations What Do I Talk About? Get Your Donors Talking!  Listen Friendly, Purposeful Discussions Goal: Build Relationship, Increase Engagement List of sample questions in our latest eNewsletter  Thanks to the Osborne Group  You can also find this document on the Resources page on our website

15 Stewarding Your Donors15 October 27, 2009 Donor Conversations - Categories About Your Organization Mission, Vision, Work, and/or Project Personal and Lifestyle Philanthropy and Giving Interests Involvement Attitude and Values Questions Follow-up Questions

16 Stewarding Your Donors16 October 27, 2009 Stewardship is Forward Thinking Shows appreciation for current gifts But also… Enables the organization to clearly establish its position to ask for additional and larger gifts in the future

17 Stewarding Your Donors17 October 27, 2009 Grinspoon Institute Webinars – Feedback/Questions How did we do? How was the level of detail? What topics would you like to learn about in this format? Is there a topic you’d like to share in a future Webinar? Any other suggestions? A brief (4-5 question) survey will pop up as you leave the Webinar. It will take less than 2 minutes to complete!

18 Stewarding Your Donors18 October 27, 2009 For More Information This presentation and recorded session will be available in our Webinar archives by the end of the week: http://webinar.gijptech.org GIJP Blog: http://blog.gijptech.org GIJP eNewsletter Archives:

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