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Martin Sommerkorn WWF International Arctic Programme.

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1 Martin Sommerkorn WWF International Arctic Programme

2 The Arctic is warming... Air temperatures rising Sea ice melting Ocean surface warming Snow cover declining Permafrost warming Glacier retreat accelerating Greenland Ice Sheet melting

3 Amplification of global warming in the Arctic will have fundamental impacts on Northern Hemisphere weather and climate. The global ocean circulation system will change under the strong influence of arctic warming. The loss of ice from the Greenland Ice Sheet has increased and will contribute substantially to global sea level rise. Arctic marine systems currently provide a substantial carbon sink but the continuation of this service depends critically on arctic climate change impacts. Arctic terrestrial ecosystems will continue to take up carbon, but warming and changes in surface hydrology will cause a far greater release of carbon. The degradation of arctic sub-sea permafrost is already releasing methane from the massive methane hydrate pool and more is expected with further warming. Arctic Climate Feedbacks have global consequences

4 Ice sheet melt will be the primary contributor to future sea-level rise

5 Reduced sea ice amplifies warming, amplified warming spreads over land

6 Methane is released to the atmosphere from arctic shallow seafloor permafrost

7 Nature does not negotiate (Meinshausen et al., 2009)

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