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Introduction to M ATLAB EE 100 – EE Dept. - JUST.

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1 Introduction to M ATLAB EE 100 – EE Dept. - JUST

2 - 2 Introduction to M ATLAB Outline The MathWorks - Company Profile. The MATLAB Product Family. Software Development Philosophy. Contacts for Customer Service. What is MATLAB? Starting & Quitting MATLAB. MATLAB Documentation.

3 - 3 Introduction to M ATLAB The MathWorks - Company Profile Founded in 1984, privately held 1800+ Employees. Annual growth > 30%. Founders : Jack Little, Cleve Moler. Most widely used analysis & modeling software: 1,000,000+ users world-wide 3,500+ universities Pioneers in interactive technical software

4 - 4 Introduction to M ATLAB The M ATLAB Product Family

5 - 5 Introduction to M ATLAB Software Development Philosophy Major software characteristics: matrix-based numeric computation high-level programming language graphics & visualization toolboxes provide application-specific functionality Multi-platform support (PC / Macintosh / unix) Open & extensible system architecture Interfaces to other systems. Custom C, Fortran (MATLAB is callable) Extensive data I/O facility

6 - 6 Introduction to M ATLAB Contacts for Customer Service Homepage: FTP Server: Newsgroup:comp.soft-sys.matlab MathWorks Technical Support: Email Phone:(508) 647-7000 Solution Search:“Solution Search” on homepage ACCESS Program: e-mail digest / tech support / electronic newsletter (MATLAB Digest)

7 - 7 Introduction to M ATLAB What is MATLAB? MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory. MATLAB System consists of : 1. Desktop Tools & Development Environment: MATLAB Desktop, command window, command history, editor, debugger,…etc. 2. MATLAB Mathematical Function Library: collection of computational algorithm, ranging from elementary function (sum, sine,..etc) and complex arithmetic to more sophisticated functions (matrix inverse, matrix eignvalues, FFT,..etc). 3. MATLAB Language: control flow statements, repetition statements, functions, data structures, I/O, OOP..etc. 4. Graphics: graphics representation, 2-D & 3-D visualization, image processing, animations. 5. MATLAB External Interfaces: C/C++ and FORTRAN programs that interact MATLAB.

8 - 8 Introduction to M ATLAB The MatLab environment is an interactive environment: Single-line commands can be entered and executed, the results displayed and observed, and then a second command can be executed that interacts with results from the first command that remains in memory. This means that you can type commands at the MatLab prompt and get answers immediately, which is very useful for simple problems. MatLab is an executable program, developed in a high-level language, which interprets user commands. Portions of the MatLab program execute in response to the user input, results are displayed, and the program waits for additional user input. When a command is entered that doesn’t meet the command rules, an error message is displayed. The corrected command can then be entered.

9 - 9 Introduction to M ATLAB While this interactive, line-by-line execution of MatLab commands is convenient for simple computational tasks, a process of preparation and execution of programscalled scripts is employed for more complicated computational tasks: A script is list of MatLab commands, prepared with a text editor. MatLab executes a script by reading a command from the script file, executing it, and then repeating the process on the next command in the script file. Errors in the syntax of a command are detected when MatLab attempts to execute the command. A syntax error message is displayed and execution of the script is halted. When syntax errors are encountered, the user must edit the script file to correct the error and then direct MatLab to execute the script again. The script may execute without syntax errors, but produce incorrect results when a logic error has been made in writing the script, which also requires that the script be edited and execution re-initiated.

10 - 10 Introduction to M ATLAB Starting & Quitting MATLAB. On windows platforms start MATLAB by: 1. Double-clicking MATLAB shortcut on the desktop. 2. Start menu -> programs -> matlab7.0 -> matlab7.0. On Unix platform: type matlab at the OS prompt.

11 - 11 Introduction to M ATLAB MATLAB Desktop

12 - 12 Introduction to M ATLAB MATLAB Desktop Layout Components Command window Command history Current directory Workspace Help Profiler: code optimization (input M-files)

13 - 13 Introduction to M ATLAB Quitting MATLAB Quitting MATLAB by: File -> exit Matlab. Type quit/exit in the command window.

14 - 14 Introduction to M ATLAB MATLAB Documentation. MATLAB provides extensive documentation, in both printable and HTML format to help you learn about and use all of its feature. To view online documentation select: Help -> MATLAB Help Command window : type helpwin View Demos: Help -> Demo Command window : type demo

15 - 15 Introduction to M ATLAB Thank You

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