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© Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 11 The Health and Safety Act.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 11 The Health and Safety Act

2 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 2 of 11 Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page Flash activity. These activities are not editable. Web addresses Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Functional Skills check Student task accompanies this slide Printable activity This lesson will cover: What the Health and Safety Act is. The hazards and risks associated with computer use. The precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of injury and accident.

3 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 3 of 11 Introduction

4 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 4 of 11 Terminology

5 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 5 of 11 Health and safety There are a number of health and safety guidelines which specifically relate to the use of computers: correctly position your monitor, chair, keyboard and mouse take regular breaks to prevent eye strain and repetitive strain injuries look after your hardware, keep screens clean and do not bring food or drink near a computer act responsibly and report any health and safety hazards ensure no equipment (bags/cables etc.) is hazardous to you or any one else keep lighting at an appropriate level. Can you think of any other guidelines?

6 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 6 of 11 Spot the hazard

7 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 7 of 11 Workstation equipment

8 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 8 of 11 Risks of injuries

9 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 9 of 11 Employer responsibilities

10 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 10 of 11 Handheld devices You are also at risk from RSI if you use handheld devices, such as Blackberries and other PDAs. Research has shown that overuse of these devices can cause damage to users’ thumbs – a syndrome which is now referred to as ‘Blackberry thumb’. This problem can be avoided by taking breaks and using your fingers to type instead. It can also be dangerous to operate machinery or drive whilst using handheld devices, as you may become distracted.

11 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 11 of 11 Health and safety dominoes

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