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Paychex Safety And Loss Control

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1 Paychex Safety And Loss Control
OFFICE ERGONOMICS Presented by: Paychex Safety And Loss Control

What is Ergonomics? Multi disciplinary science dealing with the interaction of people, machine and environment GOAL PROVIDING A COMFORTABLE, PAIN FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT


4 Ergonomic Stressors: Temperature Lighting Cumulative Trauma

5 TEMPERATURE Excessive heat or cold can adversely affect our ability to concentrate and function well. Optimal: 62oF – 78oF <50o F or >87oF up to 4 hours <33oF or >101oF up to 30 minutes

6 LIGHTING Can cause eyestrain, headaches, and related vision disorders
Can slow performance of job functions

7 SOLUTION: Most electric companies can provide candlewatt recommendations. Many will give your company a free analysis Consider specific task lighting. Reduce glare.

CTDs or Repetitive Motion Injuries Result of continued stress on specific joints, tendons, and muscles CTDs can be controlled The earlier CTDs are identified and treated, the more likely a serious disability will be prevented.

9 Risk Factors The frequency of repetitive movements
The amount of force or intensity Posture and body position Work station or environment

10 COMMON CTD’S Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tension Neck Syndrome Tendonitis Tenosynovitis Bursitis Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Lower Back Pain

Look at your workspace Are these set up to fit you? Chair Keyboard Monitor Lighting Telephone Other tools such as mouse or document stand

12 Work Station Setup Head and neck in upright position, slightly bent.
Shoulders down, relaxed, and even. Upper arms close to body with elbows bent slightly forward. Forearms parallel to the floor. Wrists and hands in a straight line from the third finger to the elbow. Feet resting flat, thighs parallel to the floor, and lower legs unhindered.

13 REST YOUR FEET Your feet should rest firmly on the floor
Allow enough leg room so that your knees don’t bump the underside of the desk If your feet dangle, use a footrest

Raise, lower, tilt seat Angle backrest Adjust armrest

15 SUPPORT YOUR BACK Sit all the way back in the chair Adjust the backrest

16 You shouldn’t have to reach for your keyboard
POSITION YOUR ARMS You shouldn’t have to reach for your keyboard Adjust chair height Keep forearms parallel

17 TELEPHONES Headsets Hands-free options Extended handsets

18 ADJUSTING THE MONITOR Stick to contrasting colors Brightness Contrast

19 SET UP THE MONITOR Place the monitor just past arm’s length in front of you Next, adjust the screen so the top of the monitor is near eye level

20 USING YOUR KEYBOARD Do not rest palms on work surface
Keep your wrists straight Rest your wrists when not keying

21 Improper Keyboard Use?

22 USING THE MOUSE Don’t choke the mouse Mouse height and distance
Try switching hands Keep the ball on the bottom of the mouse clean

23 DOCUMENT STAND Place the stand at the same height and distance as the screen.


25 Good set-up?

26 Monitor height Keyboard location Dangling feet Glare
LOW COST SOLUTIONS Monitor height Keyboard location Dangling feet Glare

27 Musculoskeletal Issues
Constrained or static postures Awkward postures Excessive reaches Exertions of high force Repetitive motions Repetitive twisting and reaching

28 Prevent Cumulative Trauma
Stretch arms, hands, legs, and back for 5 minutes each day before starting work. Change positions frequently during the day. Take short breaks and do hand exercises frequently. Perform simple stretches regularly.



31 FILING CABINETS Close the drawers!
Don’t open all the drawers at the same time Use the handle to close the drawer

32 TRY MOVING MORE If you sit all day, try doing some tasks standing up

33 When in doubt ask for help

34 What Now? Identify the ergonomic issues in your workplace.
Develop short-term and long-term goals.

35 Remember to laugh


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