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Lecture 1 Overview.

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1 Lecture 1 Overview

2 Course Description E-Business Systems Design – IS232, IS313 is a core course in the bachelor of information systems department. In this course, you will examine critical information technologies that provide a basis for electronic commerce, and their application in a variety of sectors and industries. 

3 Course Objectives By the end of this course, the students should be able to: Recognize the e-commerce environment. Recognize the basics of security issues. Understand the information accuracy issues. Plan solutions for disasters. Deal with the Internet environment. Design web sites for different organizations. Recognize different applications.

4 Assessment Due Marks Theoretical part (40%) Quiz 1 (5%)
Week 6 (1-5, March, 2015) On the first class in the week 5 Midterm (20%) Week 10 (5-9, April ,2015) 20 Quiz 2 (5%) Week 12 (19-23, April, 2015) Tutorials (10%) Project (15%) Week 12 15 Homework's (10%) Weekly 10 Participation (5%) Final Exam (50%) Final Exam ---- 40 Total 100

5 Teaching Team Course website:
Lecturer & Coordinator: Shahad Alshehah Lecturer: Hala Al-zagear, Anwar Alsamani, Loloah Albarrak. Office: Make appointments to see me except during consultation time

6 Textbook and Other Resources
Main reference : "ELECTRONIC COMMERCE AMANAGERIAL PRESPECTIVE", by Efraim Turban, Jae Lee, David King and Michel Chung, Prentice Hall, The Latest Edition.

7 Course website You will find :
Announcements Lectures Tutorials (Home works) Assignments Grades You have to check your blackboard daily

8 General information Attendance will be taken by the end of the class. If you are absent for a reason it is your responsibility to submit your sick leave by the next class. Mobiles are not allowed to be used in class at all. Therefore, please keep it off or silent during class time. No late submissions AT ALL !! Copying from another student will result in a ZERO mark for all involved students

9 Exams will cover materials from the textbook, as well as material presented in the class.
Students who are absent on Midterm exam day due to illness are required to bring a signed medical excuse letter. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor if the midterm exam was missed within one (1) week following the scheduled exam date Make-up exams will be offered for valid reasons only signed by the head of the department. Make-up exams may be different from regular exams in content and format

10 Course Communication Questions are encouraged
Discussion/collaboration (not copying) among students are encouraged feedback on the course is always welcome!


12 Electronic Commerce: Definitions and Concepts
Electronic commerce (EC) To many people the term electronic commerce is equivalent to shopping on the web. Examples:

13 Electronic Commerce: Definitions and Concepts
Electronic commerce (EC) The process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, or information via computer E-business A broader definition of EC that includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within an organization

14 What is e-Business ? Using Internet technologies to empower…
Business processes Electronic commerce Collaboration within a company Collaboration with customers, suppliers, other business stakeholders an online exchange of value


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