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Byzantine Empire “The New Rome”.

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1 Byzantine Empire “The New Rome”

2 Constantinople became the center for trade and cultural diffusion
Strategically located where Europe meets Asia

3 “New Rome” Emperors were Roman
They originally spoke Latin (later adopted the Greek language) Wealthy families came from Rome Greek traditions were adopted Developed Orthodox Religion Between CE, one of the most advanced civilizations in the world

4 Justinian Became emperor Made a law code “Justinian Code”
Became the foundation of law in most Western European countries Compilation of early Roman laws and legal principals

5 He conquered Italy, Northern Africa, and Spain
This proved costly for the empire Exhausted funds and resources Empire was lost within a generation

6 Theodora Justinian’s wife Focused on improving social status of women
Was considered a pioneer of feminism

7 Hagia Sophia Church rebuilt by Justinian
Used arches and pillars to make a dome ceiling Filled with mosaics

8 Hagia Sophia

9 Use of the arch

10 Art- mosaics Theodora and her court

11 Hippodrome Offered chariot races and circus acts

12 Muslim Conquest In 1453, the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople.
Renamed the city, Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was changed from a Christian church to a Muslim mosque.

13 The Church Divides Emperor Leo III (Byz) banned the use of icons
Iconoclasts (icon breakers) broke into churches to destroy images Tension between churches grew In 1054, the pope and patriarch (bishop of the East) excommunicated each other

14 Schism- permanent split of the Christian Church
Roman Catholic in the West Eastern Orthodox in the East Blue- Roman Catholic Red- Eastern Orthodox Purple- Protestant (1500’s) Green- Islam

15 Schism (T-Chart) Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox Service in Latin
Pope had authority over bishops Pope claims authority over all kings and emperors Priests may NOT marry Divorce is NOT permitted Services in Greek Patriarchs and bishops head the church together Emperor claims authority over church Priests may marry Divorce is allowed

16 The early Cyrillic alphabet
Converting the Slavs Saint Methodius and St. Cyril Invented Cyrillic alphabet Vernacular bible The early Cyrillic alphabet А Б В Г Д Є Ж Ѕ З И І К Л М Н О П Ҁ Р С Т Ѹ Ф Х Ѡ Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ ЪІ Ь Ѣ Ю ІА Ѧ Ѩ Ѫ Ѭ Ѯ Ѱ Ѳ Ѵ Ѥ

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