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RELIGIONS OF EUROPE Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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1 RELIGIONS OF EUROPE Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


3 Christianity


5 Comparison Chart 3 main religions in Europe ALIKE: MONOTHEISTIC Abraham is the patriarch Holy book Specific place of worship Different view of Jesus Christ Share some holy sites

6 JudaismChristianityIslam FounderAbraham (2000 BC)Jesus Christ(30 AD)Muhammad (610 AD) Holy BookTorahBibleKoran Followers calledJewsChristiansMuslims Number of followers About 15 millionAbout 2.1 billionAbout 1.3 billion Additional factsTorah the first five books of the writings of Moses Belief in the laws of one God and the words of his prophets. The five books of Moses make up the first five books of the Bible. Beliefs are based on the teachings of Jesus: love of God and neighbor, a regard for justice, a belief that Jesus is the Son of God Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of prophets, which included Abraham and Jesus The main duties of Muslims are called the Five Pillars. These are prayer, giving to charity, belief in and submission to one God (Allah).

7 JudaismChristianityIslam Additional facts3 main types: Orthodox (most traditional), Conservative, and Reform (least traditional) Jews in Europe were nearly wiped out by Hitler and Nazi Germany. 3 major groups: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. Protestant: Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and other non-Catholic, and non-Orthodox Christians. Christianity is in most parts of the world today. The 2 largest groups of Muslims are the Sunnis and Shiites; 90% of Muslims are Sunnis. Main religion in Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Number of followers is rapidly growing.

8 QUESTIONS Which is the oldest of the three main religions of Europe? A. Islam B. Judaism C. Christianity D. Roman Catholic

9 ANSWERS B. Judaism

10 QUESTIONS Which religion is growing at the fastest rate? A. Islam B. Sunni C. Judaism D. Christianity

11 ANSWER A. Islam

12 QUESTIONS How are the three religions alike? A. They can worship several grades. B. They can each worship only one god. C. Each of the three religions is getting smaller. D. They each use a sacred text known as the five books of Moses.

13 ANSWER B. They each worship only one god.

14 QUESTIONS Which pairing of sacred text and religion is correct? A. Protestant-Bible B. Christianity – Talmud C. Shiite Muslim – Torah D. Orthodox Judaism- Koran

15 ANSWER A. Protestant-Bible

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