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A Green New Deal Redefining economic development for the 21 st Century.

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1 A Green New Deal Redefining economic development for the 21 st Century

2 Systemic Crisis a transition to Qualitative development –an issue not just of destructiveness but of the suppression of positive potentials interconnectedness of social & environmental. issues of appropriate Production, Consumption, Exchange & Regulation critical/oppositional approaches necessary, but positive vision essential.

3 Historical Perspective-1 Not simply a matter of correcting the excesses & deregulation of post-1980 capitalism Not simply a matter of restoring postwar manufacturing or regulation.

4 Historical Perspective-2 Unleashing Potentials Possibilities suppressed after the Great Depression Capacities subordinated at the beginning of class society / a new context of planetary integration, individuation & information commons.

5 Basic Elements Direct focus on human & environmental need. –can this be capitalistic? Human & ecological scale: biomimicry Transformation of both markets & the state Creating a Culture of Abundance –new forms of economic security Supporting all-round human Creativity Defending the Commons (old & new) Redefining ownership to support stewardship and participation. Community: the nexus for all the above

6 Transforming Markets & the State Social & environmental values are being structured into markets: FSC wood, LEED building, LFP food New enterprise networks changing the balance of competition & cooperation Decentralized forms of regulation: 3 rd party certification, social finance, etc. Indicator systems to guide design

7 Transforming Markets & the State-2 New rules in tune with eco-processes: EPR: redefining ownership to support stewardship, justice & participation. changing the DNA of the firm the Stakeholder Corporation: B Corp Localization & accountability Social- & eco- accounting

8 Affirming Abundance New forms of economic security: community currencies, basic incomes, etc. Undercutting monetary scarcity: the end of debt-based money Valuation of all social and environmental assets. Free culture (as in free speech not free beer): trade recipes not cookies

9 Business in Transformation needs to reorient to the needs of community and planet in its goals and means. needs to expand its moral and legal status to include its workers and all stakeholders affected by its actions. needs to support positive business activity in every community. special difficulties of small business in the existing economy. –need for a fundamental shift in economic resources from the Wal-Marts to the Small- Marts.

10 Labour in Transformation needs to reorient to the nature of wealth, not just its distribution. needs to acknowledge productive activity everywhere: non-cash economy, etc. –needs to defend community & worker interests everywhere: marginalized communities, etc. needs to recover & defend the quality of work lifecraft, etc. needs to support the democratization of work life –co-ops, etc. needs to support regenerative small business while defending worker interests.

11 Education & Change Learning: intrinsic to postindustrial production and exchange. What is the appropriate relationship between schools and adult education? Not simply about inequality, but about new forms of production. Activism increasingly involves knowledge of production: food, energy, building, craft, manufacturing, information, self-development. New combination of theory & practice: the apprenticeship model

12 Insurmountable Opportunities The future aint what is used to be. (Y. Berra) Opportunities for marginalized groups to leapfrog via eco-literacy. Pressures to narrow the struggle: –Dangers of falling into new market mentality or narrow jobs preoccupation. –Old-line c.e.d. and labour organization needs to be reformed. –NGOs: also need to adapt. Possibilities for creative combination of for-profit initiatives for non-profit goals: NGO independence

13 Endless Questions How do we work together as movements and diverse communities? How do we financially support our efforts in the transition? How do we build participatory valuation systems into planning? DeCarlo: how do we navigate a Just Transition from brown to regenerative production? How do we accomplish the whole range of educational tasks necessary? Power to the Imagination!

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