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June-September IHE 2010 Educational Webinar Series Preparations for the 2010 N.A. Connectathon & HIMSS11 Interoperability Showcase<Name>

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1 June-September IHE 2010 Educational Webinar Series Preparations for the 2010 N.A. Connectathon & HIMSS11 Interoperability Showcase<Name> WEBINAR TITLE Date Session

2 June - September 2009 2 Webinar Overview This webinar will cover the following topics: 2010 Webinar Series Schedule - brief overview 2010-2011 North American Connectathon & Interoperability Showcase Cycle - Brief Overview overview  History, scope, road map, key profiles, point to previous Webinars listed on insert link here. New Profile details Q&A Wrap

3 June - September 2009 3 Webinar Overview Important note to all Domain-focused presentations: This is the template for the 2010 Webinar series. Also, please encourage visitors to your presentation to review the Webinar Series Kick-off presentation that was held on Thursday June X since that is where they will learn about registration processes, deadlines and other key facts. To help you with this reminder, please include the next two overview slides in your presentation as these point participants to the Kick-off presentation link.

4 www.ihe.netJune - September 2009 4 2010 Webinar Schedule Overview June X– Kick-off!  Overview IHE 2010 NA Connectathon & HIMSS10 U.S. Interoperability Showcase June 25: 10:00 – 11:30amCT  Radiology Thur July 23: Time: TBD  Patient Care Coordination (PCC)  Patient Care Coordination: Nursing Sub-committee Other sessions to follow July – August 2010 (Time & Date TBD) includes: Repeat of June 11 Kick-Off Webinar will be repeated in July, August & September Anatomic Pathology Cardiology Eye Care IT Infrastructure (ITI) Laboratory Patient Care Devices (PCD) Radiation Oncology Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) Use of IHE in the enterprise – Intra-enterprise solutions IHE and U.S. initiatives including ARRA, Meaningful Use and more IHE 2009 North American Connectathon - Connectathon Registration How-To Did you miss a live session? All sessions recorded & available at

5 IHE from 30,000 feet International initiative to implement HIT standards to improve interoperability, enable EHRs Committee use consensus process to develop implementable specs called Profiles published in Technical Frameworks Get Involved! Committee participation open to all members Membership is free! Go to More background and details in Kickoff Session overview presentation at June - September 2009 5

6 IHE from 30,000 feet Implementation testing process ensures compliance and interoperability Culminates in annual Connectathon Public demonstrations at HIMSS Interoperability Showcases and other medical meetings (e.g., RSNA, ASTRO, AAO) Registration for 2010 North American Connectathon and the HIMSS10 Interoperability Showcase opens August X and closes September X, 2010. Registration link: XYZ. June - September 2009 6

7 Placeholder: Instructions to Presenters Placeholder – Domains, start your Domain-specific slides here Please focus on new information for your Domains. We don’t want to repeat information available in last year’s Webinars. Each session should last roughly 1 – 1.5 hours. Point them to the 2008-2009 Webinars for details on existing profiles. If you feel you need a separate, extended technical session, please let Celina or Yvonne know and contact us if there are any questions. Thank you for taking the time to present your domain’s information!

8 Learning Objectives >

9 Example: The IT Infrastructure Domain supplies infrastructure for sharing healthcare information. An infrastructure interoperability component represents a common IT function that is used as a building block for a variety of use cases... a necessary ingredient, but rarely visible to the end user!! These components may be embedded in an application, but are often deployed as a shared resource within a RHIO or Health Information Exchange. This domain began in 2003, is sponsored by Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The ITI domain Profiles detailed in the IT Infrastructure Technical Framework.Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) ProfilesIT Infrastructure Technical Framework Learn more:

10 Domain Overview Mission/scope Block diagram domain/profile overview Key profiles (on sentence each) Relationship to other domains

11 New Work Use case and profile abstract Actors and transactions Relation/dependency on other profiles Implementation resources (e.g., Schema, WSDL) Implementation considerations (security, testing, etc.)

12 Sample of Actors and Transactions

13 List of new profiles and major profile updates A few slides on each new profile A few slides on each major profile update

14 Dates/Relevant Sessions from Overall Schedule

15 Major Take-Away Points

16 Placeholder for Domain slides

17 Placeholder for Domain slides

18 June - September 2009 18 Important dates 2010 Webinar Series, June - August 2010  View the full schedule on-line: NEW LINK IHE 2010 N.A. Connectathon, Chicago, IL  Dates: January 10-14, 2010  Registration opens: NEW DATES  Apply on-line: HIMSS11 Annual Conference, Orlando, FL  Dates: March 1-4, 2010  Registration Dates: NEW DATES  Registration Links:

19 June - September 2009 19 IHE & Interoperability Resources Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise  IHE’s Website:  IHE Free membership application: Interoperability Showcase  HIMSS10 Showcase Highlights:  Register for HIMS11 Showcase: NEW LINK Health Information Technology Standards Panel  els/hisb/hitsp.aspx?menuid=3 els/hisb/hitsp.aspx?menuid=3

20 June - September 2009 20

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