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Eisenhower’s Foreign Policy.

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1 Eisenhower’s Foreign Policy

2 Truman vs. Eisenhower “Containment” [George Kennan]
“Brinksmanship” [John Foster Dulles] Marshall Plan Truman Doctrine Berlin Airlift NATO NSC #68 Korean War Mutual security agreements. Massive retaliation. M. A. D. “Domino Theory” CIA & covert operations Eisenhower Doctrine “$ Diplomacy” – Part II

3 Foreign Policy “Hot Spots”
EUROPE: 1955  Warsaw Pact created. 1956  Hungarian Revolution. 1958  Berlin Crisis. 1959  Nixon-Khrushchev “Kitchen Debate.” 1960  U-2 Spy Incident

4 Foreign Policy “Hot Spots”
Middle East: 1953  CIA sponsored coup in Iran P. M. Mohammed Mossadegh  nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. 1956  Suez Crisis. 1958  Civil War in Lebanon

5 Foreign Policy “Hot Spots”
Latin America: 1948  O. A. S. [Organization of American States] was created during Truman’s administration. 1954  CIA covert ops. in Guatemala. 1950s  Puerto Rican independence movement. 1959  Castro’s Communist Revolution in Cuba.

6 Foreign Policy “Hot Spots”
Far East: 1953  end of the Korean War. 1954  French depart Indo-China. Geneva Accords 1964  China explodes its first atomic bomb [during LBJ’s administration].

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