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N.C.A. Quality Assurance Review Commendations and Recommendation Status Red Rock Day School January 27, 2011.

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1 N.C.A. Quality Assurance Review Commendations and Recommendation Status Red Rock Day School January 27, 2011

2 The Accreditation Process Meet the Advance ed Standards for quality schools. Engage in continuous improvement Demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review

3 Purpose of Quality Assurance Review Evaluate the school’s adherence to the Advance –ed standards Assess the efficacy of the school’s improvement process and methods for quality assurance. Identify commendations and recommendations to improve the school Make an accreditation recommendation

4 Background Knowledge Q.A.R. visit occurs every 4 years Our last visit was 1/22/09-1/23/09 Interviewees were: Acting Principal, 7 Administrative Team Members, 123 students, 14 parents and 33 teachers/staff Our next visit will be during 2012/2013 S.Y.

5 Seven (7) Standards 1.) Vision and Purpose 2.) Governance and Leadership 3.) Teaching and Learning 4.) Documenting and Using Results 5.) Resource and Support Systems 6.) Stakeholder Communication/Relationships 7.) Commitment to Continuous Improvement

6 Levels of Advisement Fully Accredited All (7) Standards @ “Operational” or Above Accredited With Advisement 1+ Standards rated “Emerging” Accredited Warned One standard rated “Not Evident”

7 Standard #1 “Vision and Purpose” Opportunities Organize school profile data for trends and issues to guide appropriate instruction in areas where improvements are needed Recognize the leadership and suggestions of the student council to improve the school Increase parental involvement in the school programs Standard #1 Rating “Emerging”

8 Standard #2 “Governance and Leadership”Opportunities Hire a fulltime principal Provide opportunities for stakeholders to become a part of the learning community Develop plans to improve that management capability and communication of administrators Provide leadership opportunities for paraprofessionals and supported personnel Assess and correct current deficiencies of facilities for the safety of students and staff Monitor the staff evaluation system to provide support and increase morale Standard #2 Rating “Emerging”

9 Standard #3 “Teaching and Learning” Opportunities Develop a Scope/sequence chart for K-8 curriculum to eliminate learning gaps. Missing instructional materials is impacting the fidelity to all Reading and Math programs. Increase instructional time once more materials are purchased Protect instructional time by hiring a full staff and service providers Standard # 3 Rating “Operational”

10 Standard #4 “Documenting and Using Results” Opportunities Facilitate the sharing of assessment data with students in grades K-2 to help them understand their own growth and plan for improvement. Communicate assessment data to all stakeholders Communicate assessment data to track individual student growth over time. Utilize assessment data to track individual student growth over time Standard #4 Rating “Operational”

11 Standard #5 “Resource and Support Systems” Operational Secure a permanent, properly certified administrator Budget appropriate resources and secure an adequate number of support service employees Allocate resources to ensure additional consumable products for the lower grades and new textbooks and consumables for the upper grades. Standard #5 Rating “Emerging”

12 Standard #6 “Stakeholder Communication and Relationships” Opportunities Develop and implement a centralized system where documents can be filed for easy access so all stakeholders can:review, update and analyze. Solicit the assistance of parents and community members in the operations of the school Create and clarify guidelines regarding student learning and improvement for all stakeholders to adhere to. Standard #6 Rating “ Operational”

13 Standard #7 “Commitment to Continuous Improvement”Opportunities Establish a parent advisory council for support staff and parents to engage and inform them of the goals and scores of the students Invite support staff to attend the core trainings so they are aware of the techniques being used to teach the students in reading and math. Promote bus drivers/cooks to aid classrooms Standard #7 Rating “Operational”


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