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Demystifying the Curriculum Vitae Psi Chi Workshop Dr. Bettina Casad.

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1 Demystifying the Curriculum Vitae Psi Chi Workshop Dr. Bettina Casad

2 The curriculum vitae (CV) is an extensive, detailed resume documenting your entire professional career The main sections of a CV include: Education Research Experience Teaching Experience Clinical Experience (if relevant) Publications Conference Presentations Awards, Honors, Grants Professional Memberships What is a Curriculum Vitae?

3 How Does a CV Differ from a Resume? Resume Short, 1-2 pages Used for non-academic employment Tailored for a specific job or position Succinct summary of employment experience and qualifications Includes objective or career goal Curriculum Vitae Long, no page limit (~25) Used for academic employment and graduate school Not usually tailored for a specific position Thorough and detailed account of all professional experience Does not include objective or career goal

4 How to Write a CV Educational Background List degrees obtained, major, minor, schools, locations, dates, honors (summa cum laude, honor roll-GPA not usually listed), titles of honors theses and dissertation Include expected degree and anticipated graduation date Reverse chronological order

5 How to Write a CV Research Experience Research assistantships and internships List project title, PI/supervisor, description of your responsibilities, dates of position No need to list whether for pay, credit, or volunteer Major research projects in courses List project title, course, your role in project

6 How to Write a CV Teaching Experience Teaching assistantships and internships List class title, supervisor, description of your responsibilities, dates of position Teaching experience includes Tutoring Mentoring Training other students

7 How to Write a CV Clinical Experience Internships Community involvement (e.g., Friend mobile) Training or certification Describe relevant coursework

8 How to Write a CV Publications (list in APA style) Journal articles Major research projects from courses, senior project, McNair project, internships  List as “in preparation” Newsletter articles Publish in student professional magazines (e.g., Grad Psych, Observer, online newsletters) Student newspaper articles Look for opportunities to co-author book chapters with advisors Write a review paper or do a meta-analysis

9 How to Write a CV Conference Presentations List submitted and presented List posters, papers, and symposia Provide title of poster/talk, conference name, location, date Cite in APA style Look for opportunities at local, regional, and student conferences Higher acceptance rate for posters at student conferences Present class research projects

10 How to Write a CV Awards, honors, and grants List ALL awards you have EVER received, even from high school Dean’s list, President’s list, travel awards, Outstanding Athlete, Department, College, or University Awards, Certificates of Appreciation, scholarships List any grants you helped write, even if not awarded Many student professional organizations provide travel awards and mini research grants

11 How to Write a CV Professional Memberships List all professional association memberships Association for Psychological Science (APS) American Psychological Association (APA) Western Psychological Association (WPA) Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) APA Divisions: 8 (Social Psych), 12 (Clinical), 35 (Psych of Women), 44 (LGBT), 45 (Ethnic Minority) And of course PSI CHI (national members) Leadership roles within organizations (e.g., student council) Other student clubs Other honor societies

12 How to Write a CV General Advice Revise: Typos reflect poorly on your competence Get feedback from your advisor and peers Ask your advisor and peers for examples Use formatting to highlight key elements, but don’t over format (bold, italics, and underlining) Many resources available for sample formats Your_Curriculum_Vitae.htm Campus career center



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