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I Am A Leader Megan Hauser.

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1 I Am A Leader Megan Hauser

2 About myself My name is Megan Hauser. I am a senior at Fraser High School and I will be attending Macomb community college next year. I am involved in student council, 4 A’s and SYNC. I am the daughter of Brian and Amy Hauser. I also am the older sister to my brother Brendan and sister Ashley. With being involved in so many groups and having my family along my side has happened me to prepare for the future.

3 My Parents My parents are a huge part of my life they have taught me right from wrong and are always pushing me to do my best. The have made me the leader I am today. I hope when I have a family of my own they look up to me like I do to my parents.

4 My Siblings Both my brother and sister look up to me as there role model. I know this because everything I do they want to do it with me. I am willing to help them in any time of matter, whether it be with homework or something else. I also go to them some times for different things that I may need help with. They are constantly teaching me new things.

5 Teachers Through out my years of High School I have had a lot of teachers guiding into the right path. With having all my teachers as leaders I try to teach the younger kids that school is so important.

6 Student Council Student council has taught me to be the leader I am today because it gets you to think about events that are coming up and the strength and weaknesses of each event. I have been involved with student council since 3rd grade it is a huge part of my life and I hope to continue in student council in college.

7 Leadership Position I see myself becoming a RN within the next couple of years. I want to bring my leadership skills to the hospital in helping those who are ill to feel better. I also want them to have a positive aspect on going to the hospital.

8 Preparing for leadership
In order to continue preparing myself to become a leader I need to get involved more with the community. So that others look at it as a positive thing to do.

9 Preparing for leadership
Another way to prepare myself more for leadership is to pass on what I already have to the younger generation. I don’t want my leadership to stay will me, I want others to have it too.

10 Weakness One of my weakness is managing time. I usually wait until the last minute to do things and I will manage my time more accordingly to what needs to be done at a certain time.


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