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The Treaty of Versailles

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1 The Treaty of Versailles
Costs of the War What is the Treaty of Versailles? C. Who was there? D. The Results

2 CA Content Standard Analyze the aims and negotiating roles of world leaders, the terms and influence of the Treaty of Versailles and Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points, and the causes and effects of United States's rejection of the League of Nations on world politics.

3 Content and Language Objectives
Content Objective- Students will analyze the influence of the Treaty of Versailles. Language Objective- Students will take notes, pair share, and answer questions about the lesson.

4 A. Costs of the War 8.5 million soldiers died, 21 million were wounded
12 million civilians died because of the war Starvation, disease, slaughter Almost an entire generation of men were wiped out in France and Great Britain Costs the Allied Powers $200 billion, and the Central Powers $138 billion Acres of farmland, homes, villages, towns were all destroyed




8 CFU What are three causes that civilians died during World War 1?
Pair Share 30 Seconds (Pick non-volunteer)

9 B. What is the Treaty of Versailles?
It is the formal peace agreement that officially ended WWI It was signed June 28, 1919 outside of Paris

10 CFU What was the goal of the Treaty of Versailles?
Pair Share 30 Seconds- (Pick non-volunteer)

11 C. Who was there? All of the Allied Powers (except Russia) were invited “Big Four” were the main writers They were the leaders of the U.S., France, Great Britain, and Italy

12 President Wilson (U.S.) came to the meeting with a plan called the Fourteen Points to create a just and lasting peace -Wanted “a peace without victory” France and Britain wanted revenge on Germany Italy wanted to gain territory from the Central Powers

13 CFU United States wanted _____ _______ _______.
France and Britain wanted _______. Italy wanted __________. Pair Share 30 Seconds- (Pick a non-volunteer)

14 D. The Results Harsh peace for Germany which leads to WWII


16 The United States refused to sign the treaty – did not want to join the League of Nations
Germany, Italy, and Japan will all resent the outcome


18 Closure- CFU Describe the effects of the Treaty of Versailles.
Pair Share 60 seconds Write down into notes (Pick non-volunteers)

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