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AD ANALYSIS In-class activites. Read this article: literacy/visual-literacy/ad-analysis

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1 AD ANALYSIS In-class activites

2 Read this article: literacy/visual-literacy/ad-analysis literacy/visual-literacy/ad-analysis Summarize key points. Was anything surprising? Why should you have a critical eye?


4 Read the first two paragraphs, the audience, the context, the purpose, and tone sections of this article: literacy/visual-literacy/breaking-down-an- image (use printed copy to mark-up and make notes) literacy/visual-literacy/breaking-down-an- image Summarize the main ideas and describe any connections or conclusions that you make.

5 In small groups take one section (arrangement, text, typography, or color, conclusion) to read. Summarize the key points about your section and then share with the rest of the class. As a class, review color (hue, value, intensity) and color schemes in Art Talk pages 136-146. Discuss how lines and colors can create psychological meaning (pages 77-78 in Art Talk and page 154 of Art Talk).

6 Belviso, Luciano, "Day 34" June 11, 2011 via Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0)

7 Analyze a Nike advertisement in terms of audience, context, purpose, tone, arrangement, text, typography, color, and emotional impact. Also look at the commonly used ad techniques listed on the worksheet.

8 Compare to other Nike ad.

9 Find an ad that interests you and complete the ad technique analysis worksheet in pairs. Pay attention to the artist’s intent and tone. Consider the persuasive appeals of: – pathos (emotional appeal), – ethos (moral sense, credibility, trustworthiness) or – logos (logical reasoning). Make inferences (“read between the lines”) to draw conclusions about what the ad is really trying to tell you. Share with the class.

10 Brainstorm and draw thumbnails of what you may want to photograph and advertise. Also, for more tips refer to

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