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How to dress, act, and prepare for your interview. 1 Add a title for the presentation.

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1 How to dress, act, and prepare for your interview. 1 Add a title for the presentation

2 To prepare for the interview: Do your homework. Get organized. Plan to make a good first impression. Anticipate questions and plan appropriate responses. Think positively. Slide 2 Add a theme, background picture, or color to the presentation

3 Some examples are: “Tell me about yourself.” “What do you know about this company?” “Why does this job opening interest you?” “Do you prefer working alone or with others?” “How well do you work under pressure?” “What do you want to be doing in five years?” “Why should I hire you?” “ What are your goals in the future?” “ Why do you think you might like this particular job?” “ What kind of work do you eventually hope to do?” Slide 3

4 Some examples are: “How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?” “How would you describe a typical week/day for this position?” “Whom does this position report to? If I am offered the position, can I meet him or her?” “If I am extended a job offer, how soon would you like me to start?” “ Is there much overtime work involved?” “What skills does an employee need to succeed in this job?” “Is travel expected?” “What training does the company provide for employees?” Slide 4

5 An upright, confident posture reflects your sense of self-worth. Eye contact shows you are listening and are interested in what the interviewer has to say. A smile shows that are you relaxed and confident. Keep your facial expressions friendly, calm, relaxed, and positive. A firm handshake conveys that you are professional and enthusiastic. Avoid a weak or overly aggressive handshake. Slide 5 On the next slide, fill it with pictures of interviews taking place.

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7 Leaning slightly forward toward the interviewer conveys that you are interested. Leaning back can give the opposite impression. Be aware of the interviewer’s body language to help you sense when you are losing the person’s attention or when you are going into too much detail. Look at the interviewer. Don’t stare at the wall, ceiling, or your lap. Making eye contact shows the interviewer you are interested. Keep a pleasant smile. Speak clearly and loud enough to be heard. Let the interviewer lead the discussion. Slide 7

8 SLIDE 8 Avoid these interview errors Poor eye contact. No goal. Poor appearance. No prepared questions. Being late Chewing gum Smoking Acting like a know-it-all Discussing personal problems Lack of enthusiasm. Asking about the salary and benefits too soon. Not asking for the job. Talking too much Arguing or displaying negative attitude Answering questions with lies

9 Add a title to this page and put a list and images of what not to do in an interview.. 9 Laying things on interviews desk. Saying, “I’ll take anything,” instead of describing the kind of work you want to do. Tapping pen, playing with a ring on your finger, texting, etc. Trying to read material on a interviewer’s desk.

10 Page 3 (these sentence can be deleted when slide is finished) 10 We chose this picture because it looked suitable for an interview. She looked well groomed and dressed appropriately.

11 Page 3 11 We chose this picture because he looked appropriate for an office job or any interview. He looked willing to work and looked like he was determined to get the goal he set to himself.

12 12 Page 3, 4

13 Ms. Judith Samson Goodright Company 117 Main Street Oceanport, CA 94702 Dear Ms. Samson, Thank you for taking the time yesterday to talk with me about the maintenance job with Goodright Company. The information you provided was very helpful. During my interview, we discussed my experience as a carpenters assistant with the Built-It Construction Company last summer. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to mention the plumbing and electrical systems classes iv taken at the Mountain County Area Career/Technical School. I believe the skills l’ve learned in theses classes have prepared me for many of the maintenance tasks I would perform if employed by your company. I am excited about the possibility of joining your company, and, if offered the job, I will do my best to be a good employee. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Michael King 13 Page 8, 9

14 Slide 14 1. 1. Assume that you applied for a job but were not selected for the position. Should you abandon your efforts to obtain a job with that particular employer? Why or why not? 2. 2. What can you gain from seeking an evaluation of your interview performance from an interviewer who rejected you? 3. 3. In what ways is each interview a learning experience? ?

15 Theresa-Marion Toniazzo & Brenda Salazar 15

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